9 Surprising Hair Tools People Want From Amazon

by Taylor Fuller

If you ever hang out with me, my hair will either be in a bun on the top of my head, or it will be down in whatever way it dried. When I do decide to style my hair, I reach for the same boring old hot tools I've been using since middle school. But recently when taking a look through the best-selling hair tools on Amazon, I realized that if I've upgraded every other form of technology I own over the past several years, why haven't I updated my hair styling tools?

Some of the best hair tools out there also happen to be some of the weirdest hair tools — ones that I never knew I needed. But a few minutes' research on the internet's most popular hair tools proves that people are finding the coolest, most ingenious gadgets to style their hair. Hair tools can help enhance the natural quality of your hair, or they can completely transform your look. So instead of reaching for the same curling iron, straightener, or hair dryer on a daily basis, check out the hair tools you're missing. What if I told you there were genius hair tools you haven't heard of that could get you the style you've been dreaming of?

Below, ten of Amazon's best-selling hair tools that you need to get in on before they're gone!

1. The Brush That Also Straightens Your Hair

BESTOPE Brush Hair Straightener, $28, Amazon

A brush that straightens your hair? It may sound crazy, but this 3-in-1 tool will make you hang up your hair straightener for good. The brush is a ceramic ion straightener, detangler, and massager. It heats up in one minute so you can style your hair quickly and easily. By brushing your hair while you straighten it, you will solve problems of knotted, broken hair in a pain-free way.

2. The Shine-Enhancing Hot Air Kit

Revlon Shine-Enhancing Hot Air Kit , $18, Amazon

Did you know there was a tool that increased the luminosity of your hair? Me neither, but this best-seller uses ionic technology to speed up drying time, in addition to infusing moisture in your hair. Three separate attachments let you customize your curl or wave size, and one reviewer said it cut her drying time from half an hour to ten minutes.

3. The Tourmaline Ceramic Tool For Frizz-Free Waves

Bed Head Deep Waver, $19, Amazon

I envy people who have gorgeous wavy hair that doesn't appear over styled. Want that look, too? This weird-looking heated hair styling tool gives you that look, in the form of frizz-free, bouncy waves. The best part about them? They actually last. The waver is made out of tourmaline ceramic, which minimizes frizz and helps retain moisture by evenly heating up your hair. Everyone will be asking you how you got those beautiful waves.

4. The Rolling Hot Air Brush That Curls While It Dries

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush , $26, Amazon

Anything that allows me to multitask is a game changer. A hot air brush is a great way to eliminate a step when getting ready, as this one dries your hair and styles at the same time. This brush has two heat settings, as well as a cool setting (perfect for locking in your look). The barrel is coated in titanium ceramic, which means frizz-free hair. Plus, the tangle-free bristles eliminate moisture out of each strand. So no more half-wet hair. You'll be left with voluminous, luscious locks in one easy step.

5. The Shampoo Brush That Makes Sure You're Actually Clean

Shampoo Brush , $5, Amazon

This is another one of Amazon's genius best-selling hair tools — and one I didn't even know existed. If you ever struggle to get your shampoo really lathered up (or just enjoy a nice shower scalp massage), this weird little tool will definitely help you make the most of your hair washing sessions.

6. Flexible Rods That Create Curls Without The Heat

Diane By Fromm 42-pack Twist-flex Rods, $11, Amazon

When it's hot out, I don't like to put heat on my hair. I end up getting super sweaty, and my hair ends up frizzy. So, what do you do when you don't want to use a curling iron but you want beautiful curls? Use twist-flex rods! These are a great heat-alternative — just wrap your damp hair around the rods, and leave them in overnight for pretty curls by morning

7. The Brush Made To Detangle Wet (And Dry) Hair Without Breakage

Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush , $12, Amazon

Now this is only my opinion, but the Wet Brush is the best brush I have ever used. It has become a staple in my toiletry bag. The brush effortlessly detangles hair, whether it's wet or dry. It is made with "ItelliFlex(R)" bristles that are flexible, yet strong enough to detangle even the worst knots. My hair is so much healthier after switching to this brush!

8. The Pearl Ceramic Wand That Distributes Heat Evenly — Unlike Its Predecessors

Remington T|Studio Salon Collection Curling Wand, $25, Amazon

What if I told you you could use a curling iron that is actually better for your hair than the one you would normally reach for? This curling wand is made with pearl ceramic technology, which means even heat distribution. It also means that while using it, the heat will seal your hair cuticle, leaving you with a frizz-free look. The cone shape of the wand gives you natural looking curls, while the temperature lock prevents it from changing temperatures while in use. Plus, if you forget to shut it off, the wand automatically shuts off after 60 minutes.

9. The Blow Dryer That Dries Hair 80 Percent Faster

xtava Allure Supreme Powerful Salon Quality Blow Dryer, $36, Amazon

Sure, you probably have a hair dryer already, but does yours save you time? Does it tame frizz? Is it super lightweight? This dryer is made with tourmaline ionic ceramic technology (the same metal that high-quality straighteners use) to dry your hair 80 percent faster. It also emits negative ions that are so powerful, they seal and smooth your hair's cuticle (which reduces frizz and increases shine). It comes with a concentrator nozzle, too, making styling your hair even easier.

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