9 Ways To Ease Period Pain You Haven't Tried

by Kaitlyn Wylde

This past weekend I went on a road trip with a group of girlfriends who all coincidentally had their period. It was like a clown car of moody, pain-stricken characters, begging to be sponsored for a comedic commercial for tampons. By the time we got to our destination (which of course was a cabin in the middle of no where), all of the local stores were closed and we were SOOL for finding tablet pain relievers. In a Google huddle, we scoured the internet for tips and tricks to squash cramps without pills. We vowed to brew a witchy cauldron of natural remedies for period pain until morning — mostly joking, assuming we wouldn't find anything that would work. We're all so reliant on pain medication that we have never before bothered to find other methods.

Much to our surprise, a lot of the remedies we found actually worked. Out of five girls, each hack worked for at least two people — not all period pains are created equally. None of them were particularly difficult to achieve and most of them were incredibly fast-acting. And while I can't say that we'll never go back to pills — they can be so clutch when you're on the go — it was nice to know that we had the ability to take care of it on our own in a natural way. Here are nine period pain hacks that you probably haven't tried:


Not the kind of ginger you'll find in a ginger ale, the kind you'll find in the veggie aisle. Have some ginger tea, chew on some candied ginger or incorporate it in your baking. This will settle your stomach and release the grip of period cramps.


The best way to get your blood moving to other parts of your body without doing full on cardio. Do some simple sun salutations and stretch your body out. You'll notice that as your heart rate increases and you start to warm up, your cramps will ease up.


Sprinkle this in your tea, on your toast or over your meal. It's got anti-inflammatory properties and will make your cramps more tolerable.

Chamomile Tea

This calming tea will help you and your muscles relax, making it easier for your cramps to settle. Have a cup or two when your cramps are bad, or every night before bed.

Lavender Oil

It's not just calming for your senses, it's calming for your muscles. Rub some lavender oil on your skin where you're cramping the most, give yourself a gentle massage for 10 to 15 minutes.


This is great for digestion, and helps to increase circulation which will keep your flow moving and healthy. Brew some tea or chew on some seeds, if you like.

Hot Shower

Hot water is the ultimate cramp savior. If you're too hot to sit in a bath, put the shower on hot and let it run over your problem area. Make sure not to burn your skin!


Suck on a natural mint candy or brew some in your tea; it helps to settle the stomach. The minty goodness will instantly send major chill vibes to your cramps.


This has natural pain-killing properties. Add some to your salad, chew some raw, or boil, steep and cool for tea.

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