Margot Slapped This Star In The Face

When Margot Robbie auditioned for The Wolf of Wall Street, she proved that going out on a limb can really pay off. Even if it's a violent, face-slapping limp. Margot Robbie slapped Leonardo DiCaprio in the face when she auditioned for The Wolf of Wall Street, but she wasn't so sure about it at the time. Robbie is on the cover of the March 2014 issue of Australian Vogue and in her interview talks about improvising with DiCaprio when trying to land her role.

Robbie ended up playing DiCaprio's wife Naomi in the film and if you've seen the movie, you know that she appears very comfortable with him in the end product and totally holds her own. She was not this confident during her audition opposite the actor.

He got momentum like you wouldn’t believe. He's off and running, and I'm sitting there like a stunned mullet, thinking, 'You've got 30 seconds left in this room to do something impressive.' I think every swear word in my head just started screaming at him.

It was then that Robbie decided that taking a more creative approach might be a good idea.

When I walked over like I was about to kiss and I go… *slap* reality washed over me. "Oh my God, you just assaulted Leonardo DiCaprio. They’re going to arrest you now."

I, too, would have be terrified of slapping Leonardo DiCaprio in the face. First of all, that means you have to come into physical contact with him and that would just seem unbelievable. It would be so easy to flinch with nervousness and not follow through. Secondly, Robbie is right. That does seem like something you could be arrested for. On the one hand, you would know you were in an audition where improvisation was welcome, but on the other, DiCaprio is one of the biggest actors in the world and your slapping him in the face! What if all the normal rules of life and legality are thrown out when he's involved?!

Fortunately for Robbie, her slap was so well-executed that instead of getting the cops called on her, she got the part. That's the sign of a true actress.