Can You Heal Your Pokemon During Battle?

Though "Pokemon Go" has made headlines in recent days for a wide array of real-world occurrences, there's more to the app than just wandering around your city capturing Pokemon. There are fights to be had, people, and turf to defend — which means that, inevitably, you'll probably be wondering whether you can heal your Pokemon during battle in "Pokemon Go." I have some unfortunate news for you there, though: As it turns out, you, um, can't heal your Pokemon during battle. But at least you can do it afterwards, when you, you know, need to pick up the pieces from your crushing defeat. It's OK. Everybody's got to start somewhere before they can become the very best.

How exactly does one get into a "Pokemon Go" battle in the first place? Step one: Be on a team. While you can't start your own team, you can join one of three pre-established ones: Mystic (red), Valor (blue), or Instinct (yellow) once you've hit Level 5. Pick whichever team you feel the best ~vibes~ towards, oe whatever. But joining a team is non-negotiable; only then can you start fighting (which, be honest, was the real reason you got into Pokemon in 3rd grade).

Battles can only take place at a gym, when your team is challenging the reign of another team (that is, the team that's in control of that particular gym). You'll be up against the Pokemon that trainers belonging to the opposing side have stored at that gym — the more Pokemon stored, the more potential fights exist. And, as you all know, the more potential for your Pokemon to become injured. Because that's what fighting leads to: Injury. Let this be a life lesson to all you brawlers. Horseplay leads to tears.

So, obviously, it would be really cool and chill if you could heal your Pokemon during a fight. But you can't do that in real life, and you can't do that in "Pokemon Go," either. The healing can only begin post-tussle, according to the "Pokmon Go" help site. Sorry, dudes.

From what I understand, the original game allowed for instant healing of Pokemon warriors. "Pokemon Go," however, does not. The process is a bit more involved. Depending on how hurt your Pokemon are (low on hit points, or HP, but awake, or fainted and therefore incapacitated), you'll need two major tools: Revive and Potion. Both can be acquired at Pokestops, although if you're really desperate, they can also be purchased with Pokecoins. So, after you're done battling, here's how to use them:


If your Pokemon has at least 1 HP (that is, it's hurt, but conscious), you should choose a Potion. You'll need to determine how injured your Pokemon is before selecting the appropriate one, though" Regular Potions heal 20 HP; Super Potions will bump your li'l guy up 50 HP; and Hyper {otions, which are only available to high-level players, are worth 200 HP. To use a Potion from the Map View, tap the Main Menu button (the one that looks like a giant Pokeball at the bottom of your screen); then tap Items (the backpack icon); then select the Potion youwant to use; then select the Pokemon you want to use it on.


Revives will wake up your Pokemon if they've fainted and they're at 0 HP. They can't start healing if they're unconscious! Duh! Revives and Max Revives are used the same way Potions are, so just head into the Main Menu, then your Items bag, then tap the Revive you want to use, then select the Pokemon you want to revive.

A Few Useful Notes

You'll have to re-collect and re-administer these meds to each injured Pokemon in your arsenal every time they get injured or faint from a fight, so maybe don't engage in. like, 50 fights if you're not willing to then drop by a whole lot of Pokestops to colleect Potions. Or, alternatively, revisit the same Pokestop a bunch of times, since they tend to update their offerings every few minutes.

Got it? Good. Now go forth and battle your little hearts out. And take care of your Pokemon! They are very cute and you would not want them all injured 4ever, right???

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