12 GIFs That Describe Your "Pokemon Go" Obsession

by Elizabeth Ballou

These days, you're probably past the basic questions of "What is 'Pokemon Go'?" and "What the devil are these little creatures called Pokemon, anyway?" You've already caught one million Pidgeys and have chosen a team, so now your thinking goes more along the lines of "Ugh, why does it take so long to hatch these 10-km eggs?" and "What level do I have to reach to get another frickin' Incense so I don't have to pay real money for it?" Face it: these are tell-tale signs you're obsessed with "Pokemon Go."

It's a rarity that I leave my house and don't immediately see someone with their phone seemingly glued to the tip of their nose. Since "Pokemon Go" is now so prevalent, I've rounded up some Pokemon GIFs that describe what it's like playing "Pokemon Go" in all its augmented reality glory. I watched the Pokemon anime as a kid, so I've grabbed all these images from the show itself. After all, nothing brings me back to the late '90s like a squishy Jigglypuff face, or a clip of Ash being incompetent.

Whether you're a casual "Pokemon Go" player or a hardcore Trainer who's not about to miss your chance to finally be the best (like no one ever was), we can all identify with hatching a bum egg or letting that rare Pokemon get away.

1. When you try to fight a Gym for the first time

So if I swipe that way, and dodge that attack, and then try to use my special attack, I can maybe... ugh.

2. When you tune into the ~world of nature~ on a Pokemon walk

Neature! How neat is that?! It's pretty neat.

3. When you reboot the app and realize the Pokemon you've been tracking are all gone

There goes that Scyther you've been following for four blocks.

4. When you and your squad all catch a rare Pokemon

Teamwork makes the dream work.

5. When someone invites you to do something other than play "Pokemon Go"

Other Trainers already have Snorlaxes and Arcanines above CP 2000! You don't have time for real people right now!

6. When someone tells you to stop wasting your time on "Pokemon Go"

Some people just don't get it. And those people can shut their mouths.

7. When you get ready to take on an enemy Gym...

You're sort of a big deal.

8. ...and then lose it five minutes later

At least you got a screenshot of it. You did get a screenshot, right?

(Also, Ash was such a drama queen.)

9. When the Dragonite you encountered runs away


10. When your egg hatches into a Pidgey

You mean to say that I went outside, walked around in the 100-degree heat, and got covered in back sweat for this?

11. When you see a Pokemon you haven't caught yet pop up on your screen

Maybe you never completed your Pokedex back when you played the original Red and Blue games, but today? You're gonna get all 150.

12. When half your city congregates around a single Lure

Everyone is just happy to be there, man.

Especially if "there" is a drinking establishment.

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