Kylie Jenner's Haircut Had A Secret

Kylie Jenner has done it again. On Friday, Jenner took to her Instagram to showcase a gorgeous new bob. After cutting off what looked like quite a few inches of hair, the youngest of the Kardashian and Jenner clans was styling a gorgeous cut. However, Kylie Jenner's bob was a wig, but that doesn't make it less fabulous. In fact, Jenner's ability to switch up her hair on the regular — whether it be color or cut — makes her so chameleon-like that's its downright impressive.

When Jenner donned the wig and record the process of shearing off her faux locks via Snapchat, the Internet was all about the Jenner's latest switch. From those who wanted to copy the look to those who had it right all along by believing it was a wig, social media loves a Kylie Jenner hair change-up. While many — including myself — believed Jenner had chopped off her own hair, as it turns out, the young Jenner is such a pro at rocking a wig that she fooled practically everyone.

Fans of the star shouldn't be surprised by the wig, though. Jenner is basically known for them. While her hair changes typically consist of fluctuations between colorful hues and her own natural dark locks, she has faked a bob in the past casting Friday's chop in a less straightforward light.

During the Met Gala, Jenner rocked nearly the exact same bob with her stunning Balmain gown. While most of the attention was focused on that silver gem of a dress, her hair also caught the eye of fans just like her latest faux chop.

While Jenner may be back to her natural hair now, the change for the Sinful Colors anti-bullying party she attended was a fabulous switch for the star. While fans are accustomed to seeing Jenner with long, flowing locks — be they dark hues or vibrant colors — seeing the Kylie Cosmetics mogul with a gorgeous blunt bob was a gorgeous change.

Even though Kylie Jenner's bob was a wig, it doesn't make it any less fabulous. Instead, it just gives people another reason to love the star. Her ability to keep everyone guessing is why many love her, and hey, you've got to admire a style star who keeps you on your toes.