RNC Chairman Leaves Convention Stage

by Celia Darrough

After bringing things to order and approving the convention rules by a voice vote rather than a roll call, Republican National Comittee chairman Reince Priebus left the stage at the Republican National Convention, leaving behind a lot of chaos. The Rules Committee report was brought up by Rep. Steve Womack, and officials rejected a request for a roll call vote, instead opting for a voice vote, which basically requires people to say "aye" or "nay." Womack apparently subjectively decided that the "ayes" were louder than the "nays," declaring the rules approved. Then he took off too, leaving the podium empty.

This set off complete outrage among delegates who wanted a conscience vote option to unbind themselves from presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Included in that set of rules was a declaration that bound delegates would remain bound, and the Never Trump camp clearly was counting on a roll call to attempt to gain a majority who wanted to change the rule.

Before this situation, Priebus, who's in control of this entire four-day convention, reportedly just up and left. Womack then left the stage as well. And, well, they weren't the only ones. Apparently, the entire Colorado delegation was so angry that they walked out.

You can watch the "ayes" reportedly win out over the "nos."

The amount of yelling from each side seems to be about even, but hey, I don't have the gavel.