An Axe Attack In Germany Leaves Many Injured

On Monday, according to German media, a man attacked passengers on a train in Heidingsfeld, Germany using weapons which reportedly included what looked like an axe and a knife. The train was travelling from Treuchtlingen to Wuerzburg at the time. At least 18 people were injured in the attack. Most of the individuals who were injured were being treated for shock. NBC News reported that the suspect was shot dead. Witnesses noted that the individual was trying to flee the scene when he was killed. A helicopter was reportedly on site, as well as a number of police officers and paramedics tending to victims. German police noted in an official statement that at least four of the victims are in serious condition.

According to the interior minister of Bavaria — where the train was located — the attacker has been identified as Joachim Herrmann, a 17-year-old citizen of Afghanistan. The teenager reportedly came to Germany as a refugee, though this information has not yet been confirmed. The boy's motives remain unknown at this time.

Countries across Europe are on guard after a truck crashed into a crowd of people celebrating the country's independence day last week in Nice, France, leaving at least 80 people dead. Neither of these incidents has been tied to terrorism or any terrorist organization at this time.

The train line is currently closed and the investigation is ongoing.

Image: Norbert Nagel /Wikimedia