Sheaden’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Performances Prove He’s Got What It Takes On His Own & In Groups — VIDEOS

Whether you miss the old So You Think You Can Dance or not, you have to admit that some of these young dancers are incredible to watch and so inspiring. It's also, I'm sure, a fun challenge for the choreographers to mix it up and design some kid-friendly dances. The kids are really bringing it, though. For example, Sheaden's performances on So You Think You Can Dance prove that the tiniest dancers can have the biggest talents.

He's a hip hop dancer in this "Next Generation" season and, so far, hasn't stepped outside of that genre. I'd love to see try tap, ballroom, or even contemporary — especially since he's working with contemporary dancer Marko now. Sheaden is clearly a talented dancer who hasn't let his mentor switch trip him up in the slightest. He still has room to go. He's a little excitable and tends to rush through his moves sometimes — but that's a pretty easy thing to work on. He can grow out of that in no time. As we move forward with the competition, here are some of Sheaden's best performances on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation that show why and how he's made it this far.

Top 10 Performance

Talk about owning the stage. You can tell that Sheaden is rocking his comfort zone in this group performance.

His Audition

There's only a glimpse of it in this montage, but you can see his talent from the beginning.

Solo Performance

When left to his own devices, Sheaden loves to incorporate flips into his choreo.

"Why I'm Here"

This Hip Hop dance with Marko, in which Sheaden plays a monster under the bed, starts cute and then gets real.

This Group Performance

Creating art with other dancers while standing out is an important part of being on SYTYCD and he nails it. Sheaden may be small, but he's a professional in the making and I can't wait to see what he does next in this competition.

Image: Adam Rose/FOX