This Is What These 7 RNC-Goers Would Say To Trump

If you had one chance to say anything to presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, what would it be? Responses to this question will vary widely depending on whom you ask, ranging from strong expressions of support to utter condemnation and probably everything in between. American citizens are adjusting — happily, unhappily, or indifferently — to the reality of this most unlikely of presidential candidates, whose transition into politics from the worlds of real estate and reality television stunned the nation. While some Americans are drawn to him precisely because of his say-anything persona and his lack of political experience, many fear him for the exact same reasons. What would people in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention say to Trump if they had the chance?

Bustle was in Cleveland on Monday, the first day of the convention, to answer that very question. We asked seven people of different ages, races, and sexes what they would like to say to the presumptive nominee. Their responses were mostly supportive, though some offered constructive criticism as to how Trump could improve his chances of winning the general election in November. While you contemplate what you'd say to The Donald given the opportunity, check out what these folks in Cleveland had to say. And while you're at it, you can hear them for yourself if you follow Bustle's Snapchat at @bustledotcom for full live coverage of the convention.

Logan Nevonen, 23

Trump, I love your fight against political correctness, but I hope that you will present our conservative message more broadly to conservatives.

Christian & Cason Swaid, 11 & 12

Make America Great Again!

Granny Mary Gilson, 73

This is a 73-year-old Hispanic Republican woman who wants you to know you're doing the right things, you’re strong, you're fighting. Do not be bought.

Michele Nix, 50

Donald Trump is [the] North Carolina Republican Party, and Republicans in the state of North Carolina support you to be our next president.

Henry Childs, 39

Trump, if you want to win this election, start talking to the black community, increase the black vote, and I guarantee you you will be the next president.

Kat Gates-Skipper, 58

Thank you for supporting veterans.

Differing opinions of Trump are present within his own party's ranks, the truth of which was evidenced on the convention floor on Monday as the Never Trump movement staged what was likely its last effort to challenge Trump's nomination. A group of delegates tried to force a roll call vote on the proposed rules package, which would have begun the process of challenging the rule that binds delegates to the results of the primaries. But the effort flopped as the vast majority of delegates supported passing the rules on a voice vote, essentially solidifying Trump as the nominee.

Unlike some of the convention delegates, the folks in Cleveland that Bustle spoke with on Monday had mostly positive things to say about Trump.

Images: Hayley Saltzman, Emily Shire/Bustle