Here's What Tiffany Trump's Instagram Can Teach Us About The Donald's "Mystery" Daughter

Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany Trump, dubbed the "quiet one" out of the presumptive Republican nominee's lineup of very charismatic, very blonde children, will be getting her time in the political spotlight on Tuesday. The 22-year-old will be speaking at the Republican National Convention, making her debut as Trump's daughter almost as much as anything else (up until the convention, she has only given the rare joint interview along with the rest of the Trump family). But despite her silence around the media, Tiffany has found another outlet to share her life — Trump's "mystery daughter" is Instagram-famous.

And really, in today's day and age, a well-curated Instagram account seems to often be worth more than any number of cable news interviews. Tiffany is likely well aware of that, and fills her Instagram account with New York skylines, filtered sunsets on the beach, and the occasional mirror selfie. But look past the usual insta-worthy photos and you'll see a college graduate and model, and even Tiffany's surprising choice in a partner: fellow University of Pennsylvania-grad and registered Democrat Ross Mechanic. Though, to be fair, Tiffany proudly snapped a photo of an "I Voted" sticker along with the hashtag #TrumpTrain, and appeared alongside her father after a CNN debate in April.

Some of her most recent photos show off her May graduation from UPenn, where she double majored in sociology and urban studies (also somewhat of an usual pick for the Trump daughter, as studies have found throughout the years that social sciences tend to lean left). She also can be seen carrying sister Ivanka's new born baby in another recent picture.

According to Forbes, Tiffany's 160,000 Instagram followers put her in the "mid to top-tier influencer" range, meaning her sizable following has a stake in the way consumers interact with brands. It doesn't appear that Tiffany has much branded content on her page (some celebrities make thousands of dollars by disguising product placement as a supposed love of a new perfume), but should the Trump daughter decide to also cash in, she could make a decent amount per post due to the size of her following.

Should she choose to document it, it will be interesting to see how Tiffany presents the RNC to her followers. Judging by some of the comments, it looks like they fall all over the political spectrum, so after her speech on Tuesday, she may very well be gaining — or losing — some of those 160,000 who take a daily glimpse into her life.