Is Rami Malek On Snapchat? He May Be A Bit Too Similar To His 'Mr. Robot' Character...

Even if you haven't caught any episodes of Mr. Robot so far (I know, I know, you'll get to it) you undoubtedly have heard of its main star, Rami Malek, who plays hacker Elliot Alderson. Obviously, I was struck by his very good looks, but it's clear that this talented actor is here to stay, considering Malek just scored an Emmy nomination for his role in Mr. Robot, and the show itself earned a total of six. Mr. Robot Season 2 is underway, and many new fans want to find a way to keep in touch with the man himself. Naturally, finding Rami Malek on Snapchat would be a goldmine. Unfortunately, all signs point to a disappointing answer.

Like his Mr. Robot character Elliot Alderson, Malek's social media presence is very limited, that is, if he has any social media, at all. In a (futile) quest for an official account, I think I can safely say Malek does not have a Snapchat, which would pretty much line up with his feelings about the Internet and social media in general (wait for it...). The only official account he has is his Twitter, which he essentially only uses to post about his acting work, and nothing overtly personal.

Come on! We want the goods. Snapchat gives fans a much closer look at celebrity life, when your faves are willing to snap their everyday activities. This is a celeb's way to really connect with fans, while they're eating tacos and trying on filters, so of course people want to see Malek. But considering that Malek has had some harsh words to say about Instagram, so I personally don't think he would have his own account anytime soon. He opened up to Los Angeles Times about social media this year,

"People are spending so much time staging photos -- what they're eating, how much fun they're having ... even the way they shape their faces in the pictures is contorted. Everything is filtered. Everything is manicured. It's a house of cards and it's going to come crashing down one day and you with it."

Sure, he sounds a little like a Debbie Downer, but Malek assures the Times that he's not totally like his Mr. Robot character, but that playing Alderson does inspire him "to step out beyond the monitor and take a look at the world around..." Alright, I guess everyone will have to deal with this, but this doesn't mean he hasn't had some fun on the app in some way or another. Recently, Malek appeared on his co-star Carly Shaikin's Snapchat and fans got a surprise in doing so... while eating crawfish and listening to Snoop Dogg.

Fans also got a glimpse of him meeting a fellow actor, Tom Hiddleston, when he appeared on Variety's snapchat getting chummy with Hiddles:

And perhaps the cutest of all was when Malek took over The Ellen Show's snapchat and posted this really adorable selfie of himself:

You see, he's a natural. Hopefully, it will only be a matter of time before Malek gets his own Snapchat, but until then, I'll be waiting for him to make some cameos on other accounts, while I marathon Mr. Robot, of course.