Why Did Kat Von D Discontinue The "Jeffree" Lipstick? Here Are Both Sides Of The Story

Another day, another Internet feud. At least, that’s the way it seems to go as of late. So, if you thought you finally decided which side of the Kimye/Taylor Swift saga you were on (after a weekend of no sleep) well get ready for even more drama. Why is Kat Von D’s “Jeffree” lipstick discontinued? The beauty guru had her reasons from pulling this lippie from the shelves.

She took to social media to explain why she is distancing herself from longtime friend Jeffree Star. In the wake of that relationship, the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick named after Star will soon no longer be available for purchase.

Von D posted her reasoning behind the decision to discontinue the product on social media, citing Star’s alleged “inappropriate behavior” as the cause for her actions. According to Star’s Twitter account, their friendship ended because she allegedly “accused [him] of something that wasn’t true.” Bustle has reached out to both parties for comment.

No matter the reason, the chance to shop the Jeffree lippie will come to an end, so if you were a fan of that vibrant hot pink liquid lipstick, stock up while you still can.

This Kat Von D's post announcing the discontinuation.

Star was quick to post a response.

Clearly, there are two sides to every story.

He wants to make sure all of the information is laid out here.

While Von D has expressed interest in making a video to express her thoughts and feelings further, Star appears to have decided against it.

Everything's not cut and dry here, though.