Is Kendall Jenner A Photographer Now? She's Adding Another Talent To Her List

Just when you think this top model can’t dominate the fashion industry any more than she already does, she goes and proves you wrong. Kendall Jenner is now a fashion photographer, and she’s got a shoot with Kaia Gerber to prove it. Impressive!

According to Love Magazine’s Instagram account, Jenner was responsible for photographing and styling Gerber for the magazine’s "American Beauties" spread. Teen Vogue reports that Cindy Crawford was even on hair and makeup duty for her daughter, so it’s safe to say that this was the photo shoot to beat all photo shoots. Gerber looks completely natural in the photograph, and Jenner was able to capture her playful side on camera. Based on these results, I’d say she’d make quite the fashion photographer, if ever that’s where she wanted her career to go.

Not only does Jenner completely own any and every runway she struts down, she’s also a major style star in her off-time, as well. Check out her most recent fashion accomplishment along with nine of her other talents. These may not be your typical “talents,” (I mean, I’m not saying she can juggle or anything — although, you never know) but boy oh boy do they these things take skills to master. And let me tell you, Jenner’s got just what it takes to pull these off.

It'd be hard to take a bad photograph of the lovely Gerber, but you've got to admit, Jenner's got quite the eye.

1. Off-Duty Style Star

On and off the runway, she kills it with her style. And if that's not talent then, I don't know what is.

2. Surf Game Strong

Jenner can't surf? She sure had me fooled.

3. Professional Poser

She's a model through and through.

4. Best Bralette Wearer

Nobody wears a bralette better than her.

5. Half Bun Champion

Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's the master of this hairstyle.

6. Killer Travel Style

You just can't get around quite as well as she does, you know?

7. Matching Skills

Her BFF matching skills are on-point.

8. Billboard Babe

What can she say? Her commute is better than the rest of ours.

9. Ponytail Pro

She's the go-to for all of the perfect ponytail inspo.

The girl's got some natural gifts, you know what I'm saying?