Mary-Louise Parker's Set To Star In A New NBC Comedy 'Feed Me', So long Nancy Botwin

When we talk about the cable antiheroes who ruled television throughout the aughts, we mainly talk about the dudes. But then there was Nancy Botwin, antiheroic suburban mom-turned-kingpin queen of Weeds. She was played by Mary-Louise Parker, who has since been seen in such cinematic masterpieces as R.I.P.D. She's now set to make a return to the television world, though: Parker's starring in NBC comedy pilot Feed Me .

We've all of course learned not to entirely trust pilot season or NBC's attempts to relaunch its comedy brand, but hopefully we'll at least get to witness some of this project. Here's the description according to Deadline:

Feed Me is described as a comedic exploration of adult intimacy and desire that centers on a dysfunctional family bound by love and the restaurant they run together. And when daughter Emma’s husband has an affair, they circle the wagons to fiercely protect one of their own.

Dysfunctional families bound by love are, after all, the bedrock of a whole lotta sitcoms, we're gonna put our optimistic face on for this one and go ahead and hope that Parker's found another juicy lead character to dig her teeth into. We kind of doubt this one's gonna wind up married to a Mexican kingpin/the mayor of Tijuana, or give monologues about the thrill of jumping off of bridges, but you never know.