These Pimple-Popping Cupcakes Are Peak Horror

In a world full of innovation, the confectionary universe has come out with the next big thing. It's horrifying, disturbing, interesting and kinda icky all at once. These pimple-popping cupcakes will make you gag and salivate at the same time. I don't know which one of those two emotions you will experience more, but you will experience each one of them for sure. Hopefully you are ready because this is happening. We are in this together now.

Blessed By Baking decided to show the world obsessed with pimple popping videos that a desert with the same concept is possible. That is the idea behind their pimple cupcakes, which look eerily like those annoying blemishes we get right before important events. They are painted to look like inflamed white heads, and if you squeeze them, even a little, a yellow custard made to look like puss jiggles around. Even though it made me feel a little queasy, I must hand it to the bakers — they look very realistic. So realistic that I had to turn off the video after about three seconds. Try and see how long you can watch it for yourself.

From the looks of it, the top part which includes the blemish can be taken off for those of us with a lower tolerance for oozing blotches. What you are left with is a delicious desert treat that you can brag about to your friends. I can see the pimple popping cupcakes be a huge hit at sweet sixteens or even themed parties.

This video was posted on Dr. Sandra Lee's Facebook page. She is a board certified dermatologist in Southern California with a popular Instagram and YouTube channel. Basically, she's the one responsible for all of those pimple-popping YouTube videos you and your friends have been obsessed with lately. You can check out some of her videos on her channel, and then have a viewing party with your other friends while eating the themed cupcakes. They actually remind me of the fab that was going around the internet earlier — Japanese treats that pooped and threw up.

These little guys can be squeezed and made to look like they are throwing up or pooping. While not the same as the pimple popping cupcakes they are too close not to mention. I honestly can take that better than the pimple cupcakes, if only because I have a real aversion to seeing things popped. Doesn't really matter what. I don't like it. As for the rest of you on this internet: stay safe.

Images: YouTube