When Do J. Crew's Customizable Bags Come Out? They Are Seriously Adorable — PHOTOS

As millennials, we are a generation of customization. With everything from our frozen yogurt orders to our poke bowl toppings to our Pokemon Go avatars, we like to have everything in our lives as personalized as possible — and accessories are no exception. Enter J. Crew's "What's Your Purse-Onality" promotion (which is literally the cutest name in the history of branding) which allows customers to personalize their own handbags. So when do J. Crew's customizable bags come out?

A shoulder-strapped camera bag called the "Signet" is on sale now on the company's website and available for personalization. For anyone looking for a bigger, everyday bag, there's also a tote option.

Here's how the personalization process works: First, you pick your color. There are 10 solid-colored leather options, which retail for $128, and three printed calf hair, which retail for $298, for you to choose from. Then, you can select from a seemingly endless number of bag tags, key fobs, and change purses to decorate the bag with. Finally, you add your monogram — to the bag itself, the key fob, or, if you're really feeling crazy, both.

For anyone out there who isn't interested in breaking out their inner fashion designer, the website offers lots of combination suggestions. Check them out below for a little inspiration, then head over to JCrew.com to create your own.

1. When You Need To Make Sure Everyone Knows Who This Bag Belongs To

This oxblood, black and blue color combination is so fabulous, you'll want to make sure the whole world knows it's #yours

2. When You Need A Serious Pop Of Color

The blue, pink and maroon color combination is extreme in itself, but the yellow coin purse adds a serious wow factor.

3. When You Want A Bag That Will Match With Everything You Already Own

Looking for something a little more neutral? Go for tonal browns and golds, which go with literally everything in your closet. When you want to add a little excitement, tie on a colorful bandana.

4. When You're Feeling A Little Wild

This leopard signet bag is one of the calf hair versions from the collection, and the green and black accessories help tone down the wild print and make it office appropriate.

5. When You Want A Bag To Take You From Day To Night

What's black and white and red all over? Your new, custom J. Crew bag! You really can't go wrong with a classic black shoulder bag, especially one that's decorated with cherry red and black and white printed snakeskin. And if you're ever having trouble cutting the line on a night out, just flash your handy "VIP" bag tag. I can't promise it will work, but you're guaranteed to get at least a few laughs out of it.

Images: J. Crew