Paul Ryan RNC Speech Memes & Tweets That Show People Weren't Buying His Words

With a smack of his gavel, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan made a symbolic declaration that Donald J. Trump was, by this point quite expectedly, the presidential candidate for the Republican party. This coming from the same man who in May boldly and surprisingly declared that he was "not ready" to endorse Trump for president, but by June, Speaker Ryan had changed his tune. Although Ryan had hopped on the Trump Train, many people used social media to express their disdain from Trump and for Ryan's speech. These Speaker Ryan RNC speech memes and tweets prove that people were not happy with what he had to say and, quite honestly, that they didn't believe his words.

So it's official: The man who redefined the political playbook for the Republican party has just become the 2016 presidential nominee for the GOP. Receiving 1,725 delegates, nearly 500 more than the 1,237 delegates required, Trump has defied all expectation in surpassing established party politics, trouncing opponents Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush by a ridiculous margin.

Less than an hour into Ryan's RNC endorsement speech, social media was bustling with blistering memes and tweets, some of which offered some interesting, and at times, funny commentary on Ryan and the fractured state of the Republican party:

It was an eventful second night at the RNC and clearly people on social media didn't take well to Speaker Ryan's speech.