Patrick Stewart and Rob Delaney are Our Best Hope in a Crisis, Says Twitter

We don't mean this to sound sexual but aren't really mad at it sounding that way, but: we'd let Sir Patrick Stewart and Rob Delaney solve an international crisis any day. The two hilarious funnypeople tagged onto a series of tweets regarding the situation in the Ukraine, and we can't help but be charmed by their playfulness and general radacity.

Now, before we throw you into the thick of it, allow us to elaborate on how this stance came to be. You see, earlier today Dave Cameron, prime minister of the United Kingdom posted a photo on Twitter of himself "on the phone" with U.S. President Barack Obama. It was all very silly and goofy-looking, and was likely staged because — c'mon, really? You think the prime minister's face looks that steely, cool, and reserved-but-serious when talking about an increasingly complicated situation with a lot of moving parts? When you're on the phone with, arguably, the leader of the free world? I mean maybe Cameron is as cool as a cucumber all the time, nonplussed by massive riots and the increasingly murkiness (again!) of Russia and its comrades. Maybe. But I suppose that's besides the speculative point. Here's the tweet that started it all:

Naturally, this caught the eye of the Internet, so amused as we are by silly little nothings, the inconsequential doings of our current power-playing political figures. And that goes doubly for human Twitter, Rob Delaney, who then posted this:

Which then prompted fellow hilarious and wonderful human, THE Sir Patrick Stewart, to hop on the call as well:

And that can only mean one thing: it's business time.