Garry Marshall Had A 'Princess Diaries' Cameo

It's a sad day for Hollywood. Legendary director, actor, writer, and filmmaker Garry Marshall has died at the age of 81. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marshall reportedly died of pneumonia following a stroke in his Burbank, California home. But fans of Marshall are left with the legacy of his cinema. Over his long career he crafted beloved films and TV shows like Happy Days, Runaway Bride, Pretty Woman, and of course, The Princess Diaries and it's subsequent sequel. But what fans of The Princess Diaries may not know is that the director himself appears in the Anne Hathaway led movie.

Though he doesn't play a large role, according to IMDB, the director and his sister, Penny Marshall, have cameos in one of the film's most pivitol and final scenes: The Genovia's annual independence ball. For those in need of a refresher, the scene comes after Mia has accepted her princesshood, and before she kisses Michael, and before she flies to Genovia to, you know, rule a kingdom.

Though there aren't any clips of the scene online, I implore you to rent The Princess Diaries, which turns 15 years old in August, not only to celebrate one of Garry's greatest works, but to find his cameo. In lieu of a clip, let's explore these photos from the scene and see if we can spot the sneaky director.

Is that him sandwiched between Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway?

Is that him in the tux on the left?

Or is that him in the top left?

R.I.P. Mr. Marshall — you will be remembered and celebrated with your tremendous films.

Images: Giphy; Disney [3]; Tumblr