The Lisa Frank Clothing Line Will Give You Life

Unicorns! Rainbows! Sparkles! Kittens! Leopard Print! Glitter! Dolphins! The '80s and '90s kid in me just scratched and clawed its way to the forefront over this news. The Lisa Frank clothing line has arrived and it will give you life. The designs are exactly what you expect — bright, fantastical, and loud prints on leggings, tank dresses, crop tops, tees, sweatshirts, and flip flops. Where can you buy Lisa Frank clothing and how much is it?

Lisa Frank's clothing line is available at RageOn! Prices start as low as $25 and go as high as $60. The Lisa Frank flip flops are on sale at Shoeminded.

Take my money. All of it. Please. I love nothing more than getting back in touch with the-single- digits-in-age me and don't even try and pretend you don't share my desire to OD on nostalgia.

Let me indulge my nostalgia for a sec, please. Lisa Frank stickers, notebooks, and artwork in general decorated my life, my walls, and notebooks when I was young. The brand's bursting-with-color designs, sold at the mall, were the stuff of '80s and '90s tween and teenage dreams... before "tween" was even a word or official category! Fan dedication to the brand is hardcore and has spilled over into the millennium, as L. Frank devotion continues to thrive online.

OMG, it's like my pre-teen brain just exploded!

Is there anything more amazing? No, there isn't! These are majestically exuberant and delightfully tacky in the best possible way. The pieces are totally worth the spend and the spot in your wardrobe or closet. I'm seriously dying right now.

The adult sizes are just $12! And they're all available. The sizes run from small to XL.

I love the sense of wonder and innocence in this big cat's eyes.

Character Collage Leggings, $42, Lisa Frank

You will not relegate these leggings to the gym.

Hunter Leggings, $42, Lisa Frank

Like I can't with these... the symmetry! These leggings tell a story.

Lips Simple Dress, $70, Lisa Frank

So much sparkle. Mwah.

Character Collage Sweatshirt, $65, Lisa Frank

The ultimate in comfort clothes.

The Lisa Frank Junior's line is available at Macy's locations, as well.

There are plenty of pieces to mix, match, and shop at RageOn!, so do it up.

Images: Courtesy Lisa Frank (6); Lisa Frank/Instagram (3)