How Do Elite Runners Train? — VIDEO

As the most decorated female sprinter in U.S. history and now the veteran of four Olympic Games, Allyson Felix has stood out for both her accomplishments and poise. Felix came to Rio with four gold medals and two silver already under her belt, and she ran away with another silver in an extremely close 400-meter event in Rio. This week, she's representing Team USA in the 4x100-meter and 4x400-meter relays, events that have previously garnered her three gold medals.

Watching Felix and her teammates on the track makes you wonder: How does an elite athlete train? How do you get to that level?

To get a peek into the elite running life, we employed the help of Ali Portnoy, a fitness enthusiast, and Joe Holder, a top trainer. Portnoy came to the track as a dedicated athlete in her own right: not only did she run track in high school, but she currently works out six days a week with a rigorous mix of high-intensity training and seven- to eight-mile runs. Even so, Holder's demanding, pro-level workout pushed her above and beyond her limits.

So, how did she do? Watch the video below, created in partnership with Folgers®, to find out.

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