9 Best Sex Toys At Every Price Point Under $100

There’s a whole lot of mystique out there surrounding sex toys, like they’re the unicorns of the silicon manufacturing world. Many people might think that they’re expensive, inaccessible, and intimidating, but in actuality, toys and vibrators come at every price range, are easy to purchase (discreetly, if that’s what you’re into), and are simple to implement into your sex life, both solo and with your partner.

A recent study reported that a little more than half of all women (52.5 percent) admitted to using vibrators for clitoral and insertive stimulation, which is great, but here’s the really cool part: Women who explore their bodies with toys and vibrators are statistically more likely to engage in sexual health conscious behaviors, like regular visits to the gynecologist. It also can lead to a greater confidence in one’s sexual needs and desires, as well as a better understanding of how your own body works.

When it comes to bringing toys into the bedroom, however, people tend to assume that their partner will feel intimidated, uncomfortable, and obsolete. Again, more good news! A recent poll shows that 70 percent of all men have absolutely no problem with vibrators in the bedroom, and can be pleasurable and helpful for either gender. So go ahead — find a great sex toy that fits your budget, and go to town.

This Subtle Yet Powerful Egg Vibrator

MOJOY Multi Speed Love Egg Vibrator, $14, Amazon

This travel-friendly MOJOY multi speed vibrator has 10 different speeds and a long cord for remote-control fun with your partner or by yourself. Although it’s battery operated and relatively quiet, reviewers indicate that this thing definitely packs a powerful punch.

Your Most Well-Rounded Vibrator

Utimi Silicone Rotating Rabbit Vibrator, $24, Amazon

Rabbit vibrators, like this Utimi silicone rotating vibrator, are arguably the most well-rounded vibrator you can get, and for a great price. This one rotates, vibrates, spins, and stimulates the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously. It also runs on batteries, is entirely waterproof, and is made with superior medical silicon for your safety.

Give BDSM A Try

Utimi Under the Bed Bondage Restraints System, $27, Amazon

If you’re looking to get into some light bondage in the bedroom, this Utimi bondage restraints system has everything you need to get started, from cuffs and ropes to a whip and blindfold. It’s made with durable leather and nylon material, and because everything is adjustable, it fits both men and women.

Go For Sleek And Sexy

Rechargeable Odeco Powerful Vibrating Massager, $30, Amazon

This sleek and rechargeable Odeco vibrating massager has great reviews because it’s soft (but textured), subtle (but has a convenient LED light), and simple (but curved for your pleasure). Reviewers love the different vibrational settings and the well-placed control buttons, and some even say it’s the best toy they’ve ever owned.

A Therapeutic Massager? Totally Subtle

Alessandro Yarosi Therapeutic Massager, $43, Amazon

Ah, yes. A “personal massager” for “aches and sore muscles.” This subtle Alessandro Yarosi therapeutic massager has eight powerful speeds and 20 various patterns for use anywhere on the body. It’s cordless, USB-rechargeable, and waterproof, which makes it great for foreplay, stimulation, or actual no-joke relaxation after a hard day.

Compact And Luxurious

Mini Clitoral Stimulation Rechargeable Luxury Vibrator, $60, Amazon

The mini clitoral stimulation rechargeable vibrator has really high reviews because of the sleek, gliding shape and powerful rechargeable battery that lasts for hours. It’s made from an environmentally-friendly and body-safe ABS material, and people love that it’s compact, powerful, and simply feels incredible.

A Position Pillow And Toy Mount

Liberator Wanda Toy Mount, $70, Amazon

If you’re looking for a toy mount and a position pillow all in one, look no further than the Liberator's Wanda toy mount. It’s made with high density foam that’s firm, yet comfortable, to support your body during single play or difficult couples positions. It’s also got a removable machine-washable cover for easy cleaning.

Check Out This Sexy Statement Piece

Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace, $70, Amazon

This sleek and beautiful Crave Vesper vibrator necklace is subtle enough to wear out on date night, and no one will even realize that you’re wearing a sex toy around your neck. It has a stainless steel chain and a nickel-free hanging pendant that vibrates with four different speeds, so if you want to sneak off to the bathroom with your partner, foreplay can start a little earlier than expected.

Positive Vibrations From Anywhere In The World

Authentic OhMBod Blue Motion Couples Vibe, $100, Amazon

Calling all couples in long distance relationships: The OhMBod Blue Motion couples vibe syncs up to your phone or device, so the remote control vibrator can be used on WiFi from anywhere in the world. It can be recharged for up to an hour of use, and the app supports motion, touch, and audio controls for all different kinds of vibrational patterns.

Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; Amazon (9)