Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel Announced Their Engagement With A Snapchat Filter, Naturally — PHOTO

Another Hollywood couple will soon be walking down the aisle. Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel are engaged, the model announced on Instagram Wednesday. Alongside an image of her stunning ring, Kerr captioned it exclaiming, "I said yes!!!" Yeah, she's a little bit excited. What makes their engagement announcement even better is the 33-year-old Victoria's Secret model photo included a custom Snapchat filter with the new Bitmoji feature. You see, Spiegel is the founder of Snapchat, so of course they had to incorporate his successful business into their announcement.

Below the diamond ring in the photo, there is an animated version of both Spiegel and Kerr. The 26-year-old social media sensation is on his knee holding a ring box, with Kerr wearing a surprised expression and holding her hands over her heart. Underneath their cartoon counterparts, it reads in huge font, "Marry Me!" I guess all of the exclamation points are their way of letting the world know how excited they are to become husband and wife.

Before Spiegel, Kerr was married to Orlando Bloom for three years. In October 2013, the model and Lord of the Rings actor split, but kept things amicable, especially for their son, Flynn. It seems like they are still on good terms, because Bloom likes Spiegel. While chatting with The EDIT in January 2016, Kerr said about introducing Flynn to Spiegel with Bloom's blessing, "[Orlando and I decided] that we had to know the person for six months and feel good about them." She also added, "Evan met Flynn, so yeah, things are going well. Orlando thinks he's great. We're just a modern family now!"

It's great to hear they all get along so well, and I can only imagine Bloom is thrilled for Kerr's happy news. With that, congrats to the couple on their engagement.