Lindsay Lohan Will Be on '2 Broke Girls' but Her Track Record as a Guest Star Is Pretty Terrible

If you're like me, you've already set your DVR to record Lindsay Lohan's OWN docu-series. Though Lohan is apparently taking her Oprah Winfrey-sponsored series seriously, documenting her personal struggles isn't the only thing that she'll be doing on TV this spring. According to Variety, Lindsay Lohan will guest star on 2 Broke Girls on April 14th, where she will play a bride who can't make a decision about her wedding cake.

It's not surprising that Lohan's sobriety comeback will feature a guest spot on a major network comedy. It's become her MO to nab a guest star when she's pulling her life back together. Back in 2008, she got a coveted guest star role on ABC hit Ugly Betty. The stint was supposed to be for six episodes, but was cut to four after reports that Lohan clashed with star America Ferrera and had a general attitude problem on set. In 2012, Lohan guest starred on Glee , and reports say that the actress was anything but professional, showing up late and unprepared. In 2013, Lohan had a successful stint filling in for Chelsea Handler on Chelsea, Lately.

While Lohan's future career may appear bright when we hear news of her guest starring on a hit sitcom or hosting a show, ultimately her career can't be built on one-offs alone. She needs to work on herself before she's able to really rebuild her career. Showing up late to set may be put up with as a guest star, but it won't be if she wants to start her career over in any real way.

I'm rooting for a Lohan comeback, but I worry that she's putting her career comeback ahead of her health, and that it won't benefit either if she jumps back into working-girl mode before she's ready. She's a strong actress, but she won't be taken seriously if she keeps falling short of her expectations. She may be able to pull off a guest star role, but ultimately her demons are going to come back to haunt her if she isn't sober, healthy, and happy during her future acting career.