17 Things To Wear To MCR's Reunion Tour

My Chemical Romance split ways in 2013 and my little emo heart has been broken ever since. Until Jul. 20, that is, when My Chemical Romance hinted at a reunion tour through a short video shared on the band's website and social media pages. The clip features the first few bars of the iconic "Welcome To The Black Parade" track as well as a waving flag — the video ending with the date Sept. 23, 2016 shining across the page.

It's a rather significant date for all MCR fans: Nine years and 11 months after the band's release of The Black Parade. As fans speculate as to whether or not this means an MCR reunion tour is set to be announced in September — which, TBH, it better be — I am already planning my My Chemical Romance tour outfit.

Should I recreate emo looks from the early 2000s, be inspired by Gerard Way's fashion sense, dress how I would to any other gig, or create something special for the event? Should I combine all four options into a killer outfit that will definitely (maybe?) lead to me being plucked out of the crowd and taken backstage to meet the band? That may be the makings of a fan fiction fantasy, but it doesn't mean I'm not going to obsess over what to wear to this (hopefully-actually-happening) tour. Here are just 17 options for us all to contemplate.

1. New Merch

Plus Size MCRX T-Shirt, $19.99,

This tee reps the cross from the flag featured in the new video clip, plus the video's title "MCRX." IMO, it's definitely the start of a new line of merch for a band that's setting up to return from its three-year hiatus.

2. This Hat

I'm Not OK (I Promise) Dad Cap, $31,

Shout-out to designers who take old bands and give us merch with current-day aesthetics. I salute you.

3. The OG Tee

My Chemical Romance T-Shirt, $15,

I may or may not have just purchased this T-shirt for myself. It was a must. I mean, My Chemical Romance might be getting back together.

4. To Illustrate Your Point

Gerard Way Venom T-Shirt, $17.97,

As an artist himself, I'm sure Gerard Way would really appreciate you supporting independent designers. Plus, this T-shirt is just really cool.

5. A Throwback Bow

Three Cheers Bow, $3.99,

For most diehard My Chemical Romance fans, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is likely the album that spoke to their angst the most. Luckily, MCR is still selling official album merch on its website, including this super cute bow.

7. All The Way Down To Your Toes

My Chemical Romance Shoes Revenge Style, $65,

From the bow on your head to the shoes on your feet, show your love of My Chemical Romance in every aspect of your outfit.

8. If You Prefer High-Tops

My Chemical Romance Converse Shoes, $105,

Or if you want to relive emo style well and truly, these black high-tops are a much more emo shoe than the white slip-ons. If you have over $100 to spare, that is.

9. "Helena (So Long And Goodnight)"

In Loving Memory Of Helena, $21.99,

My Chemical Romance's song "Helena" was the first tune I heard by the band, the first music video I ever watched. and it marked the moment when I realized the true power of music. The song, dedicated to Gerard and Mikey Way's grandmother, changed my life. This tee represents that.

10. I Heart MCR

MCR Hand Stamped Heart Necklace, $12,

This super subtle My Chem necklace will represent your love for the band without changing your current style.

11. Customize It

My Chemical Romance Patch, $4,

Instead of buying something new, you can customize something old with a cool patch. This is perfect for leather jackets, but if you're going to a gig, adding it to a T-shirt will make your clothes stand out in a crowd of standard band tops.

12. Clothing Killjoys

My Chemical Romance Killjoys T-Shirt, $23.15,

Available up to size 6X, this tee is perfect for anyone whose favorite MCR album is Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys.

13. Join The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance Military Jacket, $69.99,

Although the black and silver version is true to the The Black Parade wardrobe, the other military jackets are a cool twist on the classic look. I'm kind of regretting selling my old one now.

14. I'm All Ears

My Chemical Romance Discography Mini Studs, $25.50,

You know how you don't realize you need something until you see it? That's how I feel about owning the entire MCR discography as earrings.

15. A Sleeveless Look

My Chemical Romance Rock Tee, $16,

This vintage tee will make you mourn ever throwing any of yours away. Plus, the sleeveless look will keep you cool at any gig.

16. Gerard's Face

Gerard Way Hoodie, $25,

I'll be honest: One of the most alluring things about My Chemical Romance was Gerard Way's face. So why wouldn't I want it emblazoned on my hoodie? Available up to size 5X, this may be one that you tie around your waist to put on after you leave the show.

17. A Charm Bracelet

My Chemical Romance Bracelet, $7,

Or rather, a very charming bracelet. This is another piece of jewelry that will tie in with any outfit, so you don't have to revisit your emo wardrobe to truly represent your love of MCR.

If you have gotten over the fan-girling, screaming phase of this possible MCR tour announcement, I hope this list helps you work out what you're going to wear. At least we have two months to prep before any dates are made official.

Images: Courtesy Brands