10 Questions To Ask Yourself To Attract More Love

by Erica Florentine

It feels like everyone around you is filled to the brim with love in their lives, yet you can’t seem to attract more love into yours. You might be wondering what to do to get on their level. Turns out, there are questions that will attract love into your life that you can start asking yourself right now in order to open yourself up to receiving all of the love you deserve to get. The questions might seem very simplistic, however by giving them enough thought and attention, you can really start to dig deep and learn a lot about yourself along the way, too. In that sense, asking these questions of yourself can be a major win-win.

Not receiving the love you want in life can be frustrating, especially if you are someone who is genuinely hungry for it. What’s interesting, though, is that much of why you might not be receiving the love you desire could be due to things that are going on in your own head. Perhaps you are someone, for example, who does not realize how much you are worth. Maybe you do not love yourself fully. Maybe there are fear factors that you have against love that you’ve never been completely honest with yourself about. By realizing these things and thinking them through thoroughly, you can begin to make some changes to your mindset and, in turn, open yourself up to getting the love you so desire in life. Here are 10 things any person who wants more love in their life should ask themselves in order to get it.

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1. “Who Truly Loves Me?”

Let’s start by acknowledging the people in your life that truly love you — because I’m certain there are plenty. According to Psychology Today, to open yourself up to more love in your life, it’s important to consider the people who love you. The outlet suggested looking through your list of contacts (I tried this using my phone contacts) and clicking through everyone to mentally acknowledge the people who care most about you — even the ones you haven’t thought about in while.

2. “Am I Fully Aware Of How Worthy I Am?”

A lot of times we might be unknowingly blocking ourselves from receiving love by neglecting how worthy we are of actually being loved. Relationship expert and author Margaret Paul, Ph.D., penned an article for Huffington Post where she explained this very notion. According to Paul, when setting yourself up to bring more love into your life, you’ll first want to learn to define your worth. She recommended against looking at your worth from the perspective of a wounded ego, but rather through the eyes of your “higher self.” Basically, this means setting the bar high for what you’re worth, because you are worth a lot. This will also help you to learn to really value yourself, Paul added.

3. “Are There Negative Relationship Patterns That Are Standing In My Way?”

Sometimes we’re so used to being treated in a negative way in our relationships that we get caught up in a pattern and let it happen over and over… and over. According to, for many people, you’ll continue to have this pattern appear — whether you’re constantly letting yourself feel insignificant in relationships, abandoned, etc. — until you wrap your mind around why you allow yourself to be treated this way. By asking yourself whether there are negative patterns standing in your way, and then doing the best you can to heal the underlying wound beneath them, you can open yourself up to the right kind of love.

4. “Do I Love Myself?”

Be honest with yourself when you answer this one, even if you find it very difficult to. By asking yourself this question and allowing your mind to fully think it through, you can learn to work past the factors that are pulling you down, and ultimately begin to love yourself wholly (if you aren’t doing so already). According to Inc., this will then allow you to better love other people and be more accepting of others’ love. (Think of the notion "like attracts like" — your positive feelings towards yourself will attract others to have positive feelings towards you, too.)

5. “What Do I Love About My Life?”

Let’s say your answer to the last question was a resounding, “No.” A good way to begin to work past that could be to consider the things you love about your life. On her website,, Lara Ann Riggio, a healing practitioner based in New York City, noted the important of acknowledging the aspects of your life that you love. Riggio wrote, “Recognizing the love you have in your life is one way to fuel having more love in your life.”

Riggio recommended coming up with a list of the things in your life that make you happy — even if it’s filled with a lot of little things. Riggio said by focusing on what makes you happy, you’ll feel happy, and in turn attract happiness and love.

6. “Who Appreciates Me For Who I Am?”

The feeling of being appreciated is so special, in my opinion. Psychology Today suggested to bring more love into your life, stop and ask yourself who it is in your circles that appreciates you for who you are. Likely, you’ll come up with at least several great humans who feel this way about you.

7. “Am I Afraid Of Rejection?”

According to Paul, it’s also vital to consider whether you’re afraid of rejection in the process of bringing more love into your life. If your answer is yes, you can turn that fear around. Paul suggested wrapping your mind around the fact that you should not take rejection personally. Paul also recommended training yourself to work past any rejection that might come in in a loving way in order to move past the hurtful feelings in stride. By dismissing the fear, you’ll be able to open up more knowing that you’re able to successfully manage the rejection should it happen.

8. “What Are The Factors Blocking Me From Love?”

You might find that there are several factors you hadn’t before considered when you take a moment to think through the answer on this one. According to, beyond the fear of rejection we just spoke about, there could be other factors preventing you from receiving love — like a fear of commitment for instance. Some people are scared of falling in love as they think it could make them too vulnerable, for instance. Others deep down feel they aren’t good enough to be loved. Do these things sound familiar to you? By addressing these kinds of factors and what you’re afraid of, you can bring yourself to a level of self-awareness that can, in itself, help release the fears, the outlet noted.

9. “Am I Ready To Receive Love?”

Being able to bring love into your life is only as practical as whether you’re ready to receive it. According to, asking for love and receiving it are two separate things — and you should focus on the latter. The outlet suggested remaining in your most receptive state if you want to truly bring more love in.

10. “Am I Committed To Bringing More Love Into My Life?”

Finally, you should ask yourself this question, and hopefully the answer will be yes. suggested that if you want to genuinely open yourself up to more love in your life that you commit to doing so. The outlet recommended treating it like you would with a goal of any other kind (e.g., commitment to run a marathon) and taking the necessary steps to achieve it. So, if you’re hoping to meet the love of your life, set out tactics that will help you get there, like signing up for a speed dating session, joining an online dating site, being open to meeting a friend of a friend for a blind date, and so on.

If you’re ready to do some self-reflection, try tackling the questions above. Not only will they help you to better understand yourself, they might also prove successful in helping you attract more love into your life.

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