6 Affordable Beauty Blenders To Shop If You Go Through Sponges Like Crazy

Our grandmas had some pretty weird beauty and makeup rituals, but the beauty sponge is not one of them. This tiny, usually super affordable tool can help you do anything and everything when it comes to makeup, but replacing them and buying different ones for different parts of your face can add up, making them a little pricey. If you buy the sponges like crazy, here are the best affordable beauty blenders on the market.

Beauty blenders and sponges are typically made of non-latex material with an open cell structure — aka, tiny holes that fill up and expand with water, so product sits on top of the sponge instead of absorbing a bunch of fancy, expensive product. The result? Foundation that melts seamlessly into your skin, and a tool that helps you use less product to achieve the same gorgeous look.

The cult-favorite is the official Beautyblender original, which retails for $20. It's suggested that you replace the sponge every few months, so a yearly cost is about $100. If you can't (or don't want to) stomach that price, there are some amazing drugstore alternatives that do work.

Here are six of my favorite affordable sponges that help you stay within your beauty budget:

1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, $11, Ulta

Even guru Jaclyn Hill loves this affordable alternative. The flat side is perfect for concealing the eye area.

2. Tarte Double Duty Beauty Quickie Blending Sponge

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Quickie Blending Sponge, $16, Ulta

The soft, round edges are great for foundation and cream contour.

3. Boots No7 Flawless Finish Sponges

Boots No7 Flawless Finish Sponges (Pack of 3), $30, Amazon

You can use sponges to apply any sort of face product, like moisturizer, primer, or even topical medications.

4. Dawn Sponges

Dawn Sponges, $3, Menards

Yep, you can use a plain sponge in a pinch! Cut a dish sponge in half an use it to blend cream products or set your face with powder.

5. SOHO Disney Aurora Fairy Sponges

SOHO Disney Aurora Fairy Sponges, $10, Amazon

This adorable Disney-inspired set has enough versatility to work with any product or application.

6. Studio 35 Blending Sponge

Studio 35 Blending Sponge, $7, Walgreens

A collagen-infused surface helps product glide on and melt into your skin.

Images: @RealTechniques/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands