What 6 RNC Attendees Actually Think About Mike Pence As The Vice Presidential Pick

The Republican National Convention — or should we say, the Hungry for Power Games — is well underway in Cleveland, and it's not surprising that the Trump clan has stole everyone's thunder over the last two days. Donald Trump's wife, Melania, delivered a touching speech about hard work and dedication — unfortunately, Michelle Obama delivered a similar speech about eight years earlier. Donald Trump Jr. followed up Tuesday night with another ethically dubious convention speech. This all sets the stage for Donald Trump's vice presidential pick Mike Pence, who's scheduled to deliver his great, all-true, definitely-not-plagiarized VP speech at the convention Wednesday night.

When Trump announced Pence, as his running mate last week, America seemed to respond with a collective "meh." The current Indiana governor is not only a relatively safe choice for Trump, but also an entirely expected one — another Evangelist conservative white man on the Republican ticket? Sure, why not?

So, how do Republicans feel about Pence, a former Democrat who has taken a hard turn toward the right during his decades-long political career? Bustle asked both convention-goers and protesters outside the Quicken Loans Arena their views on Pence and his ability to handle the role as vice president of the United States. Be sure to follow Bustle on Snapchat at @bustledotcom to see more coverage of the political conventions.

H. Alan Burton, 64, Florida Delegate

I think he's a very good choice. He's very solid. He has a history of public service that's second to none.

Barbara Wyllie, 74, Alternate Delegate For Arizona

Donald Trump did not talk to me about it, but I totally trust his logic in picking Mike Pence. What I have read about him and heard about him — he's fantastic. He just needs to unify the party.

Suzi Allen, 64, Code Pink Protester

I think both of the candidates on the Republican side are buffoons, idiots. Like, they're not real. Get with it.

Susan Reneau, 64, Alternate Delegate For Montana

It was awesome. I'm thrilled to death. Frankly, [Pence] can talk about anything he likes. I'm just happy that he was selected and I'm sure that whatever he says will be just fine.

Ronna Romney McDaniel, 43, Chair of the Michigan Delegation & Mitt Romney's Niece

Being from Michigan, I'm very happy to see a Midwestern governor. The Midwest governors have led the economic recovery in this nation. They've created jobs. They've brought business back to their states. Mike Pence is going to play great in my state of Michigan.

Joe Fieldus, 64, Alternate Delegate For Florida

Solid. Confident. Presidential. That's the No. 1 thing people look for with a vice presidential candidate. In their minds, they have to imagine that person being the president. Mike Pence fits that bill 100 percent.

Additional reporting and images by Emily Shire