11 Republican Convention-Goers Tell Us What You Won't See On TV


On Tuesday, the delegates to the Republican National Convention confirmed Donald Trump as their party's presidential nominee, and livestreams of the convention have been dominating the small screen since it began. But what we see of the convention on TV isn't entirely comprehensive — what is attending the RNC actually like?

Bustle spoke to some RNC attendees Wednesday to ask them what someone wouldn't know about the convention unless they were actually there. Most people who have been paying attention to the convention these past couple days know that there have been numerous protests taking place, and they are familiar with the controversy surrounding Melania Trump's speech. They will likely have heard about Chris Christie's remarks in which he attempted to deliver his own indictment of presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

But what's happening behind the scenes? (Psst... you can follow Bustle on Snapchat at @bustledotcom for live updates from the RNC!) We've heard from a bunch of different politicians and observed the efforts of the #NeverTrump Republicans, but are the celebrities and politicians at the convention interacting with other attendees? Is there food? Are people enjoying themselves? Eleven convention attendees have answers to these questions and more — check out what they had to say below.

Montel Williams, 60 (@themontel)

Carrie Sheffield, 33

Suzi Allen, 64

H. Alan Burton, 64

Corky Haynes, 68

Barbara Wyllie, 74

Susan Reneau, 64

Sarah Scholl, 27

Elizabeth Ritchie, 61

Rachel Gunther, 59

Cheryl McDonald, 71

There you have it! Obviously, these are just some people's experiences and do not necessarily capture how every attendee feels, but they do give us an idea of what it's like to actually be there — from the apparent lack of food to the smaller events that don't receive as much coverage.

Additional reporting and images by Hayley Saltzman/Bustle