Watch Jeffree Star's Response To Kat Von D's Video To See What He Has To Say — VIDEO

Although the beauty world seems to be a pretty supportive place most of the time, this week's feud between Jeffree Star and Kat Von D has shown that there's more than meets the eye at times. The two beauty moguls got into a spat over social media (and YouTube) this week, with Von D starting the drama when she posted an Instagram of Star with a red circle with a line through it and a caption that alleged Star had refused to pay one of her friends for artwork he'd done for Star's cosmetics line. Well Wednesday night brought the video everyone's been waiting for, because Star posted a response to Kat Von D's video refuting the claims and telling his side of the story.

Star's fans have been eagerly clamoring for his response video since Von D first posted her Instagram, tweets and video about the situation. Although he's responded to a few of her claims (mainly that that he allegedly refused to pay artist BJ Betts for artwork he made for his makeup line, Jeffree Star), he hasn't posted an in-depth response to the situation until now. And believe me, this video is in-depth. The video is 23 minutes of Star talking — check it out below.

jeffreestar on YouTube

Although I can't get into everything Star talks about in the video here (I mean, 23 minutes means he covers a lot of ground), he definitely addresses most of Von D's claims, especially those to do with Betts. And apparently, whatever conflict existed between Star and Betts has now been resolved.

Star also addresses some other issues, like his communication with Von D over the past year, her involvement in his business, and her claims about the fact that his products are vegan when he doesn't adhere to a vegan diet. It gets a little dramatic, especially when Star addresses some claims Von D made about Star's makeup formulas, which are produced in the same factory as Von D's line.

I think Star's video is definitely worth watching if you're a fan of either beauty mogul. But if you're done with the drama and just want to move on?

Star's in the same boat.

Image: @jefreestar/Instagram