Dress Like Dita in the Bedroom

by Erin Mayer

As a fellow busty brunette, I like to think I have an inner Dita Von Teese. Now, I can have an outer Dita Von Teese as well, because she's just released an affordable new lingerie line for Bloomingdale's. And the bedroom is the perfect place for us to channel the burlesque star.

The Dita Von Teese lingerie line is classy and sexy all at once, with styles that echo a vintage 1950's pinup silhouette. Though vintage-inspired, the pieces have thoroughly modern details that make them appear fresh and new — metal hardware offsets lace trim, black suspenders give a garter-belt a racy edge. Dita herself describes the collection as "accessible glamour."

Accessible is accurate, with prices that range from $40 to $300 (the priciest piece is a bodycon slip with sexy lace panels). Sure, these prices don't compare with the $12 you can spend on a bra made of tissue paper at Forever21, but we find it more cost effective to buy lingerie that lasts longer than a single wear. According to Stylite, the line also includes "corsets, torsolettes, chemises, balconette bras, garters, suspenders, and all that jazz." If you don't know your terminology, all that is lingerie-speak for "a whole lot of sexy undergarments."

The collection is already available on and will be released in-store on March 15. If you haven't already jumped on the fancy lingerie bandwagon, this is the time to do so! Check out some of the hottest looks from the line below.