Kristen Stewart Won’t Hide Her Relationships Anymore & It Must Be Freeing AF

Kristen Stewart is known for being fiercely private about her personal life, a strong characteristic so embedded into her personality that it's just as well-known as her role as Bella Swan in Twilight. That, however, is water under the bridge now, the actor revealed in a candid new interview with the L.A. Times. Stewart is no longer hiding her relationships — and she is way over giving a sh*t.

A surprisingly forthcoming Stewart, one who recalled the time she took Adderall on a roadtrip (much to her Equals co-star Nicholas Hoult's shock that she would say such a thing on the record), revealed that there are some details that should be kept private, sure, but she's happily living her life out in the open now. It's a stunningly freeing move for the actor, who infamously kept her personal life (and her personal relationships) as close to the vest as she ever could.

"I wouldn’t talk about who I [have sex with] and how I [have sex with them] unless I was friends with you. That’s weird," Stewart, 26, revealed. "But then, at the same time, I’ve discovered a way to live my life and not feel like I'm hiding at all."

After a paparazzi-filled relationship (and, later, breakup) with Robert Pattinson, Stewart made headlines after she was revealed to be in a relationship with a woman — first, her assistant Alicia Cargile, and then, with French singer Soto. For her part, Stewart declined to label her sexuality but told Nylon essentially the same thing in 2015 that she just revealed to the L.A. Times: "Google me," she said at the time, "I'm not hiding."

She's not — and her decision to do so is certainly an empowering one on Stewart's part. While the actor may never be one to flaunt (or gush about) her romances in the press or on social media, the conscious choice to go out and publicly live her life — despite any tabloid scrutiny, despite the watchful eye of the paparazzi — is one that must offer her an immense sense of relief and freedom.

"Somehow, as I got older, I reoriented my mind. I’ve gotten better at assessing people's motivations," she told the publication. "It’s not something I have to overtly think about — what I share and what I don’t share. It’s a natural thing. Whereas, when I was younger, I was like, 'You're gonna screw me over.' Now I’m like, 'Whatever. You can't.'"

The complete 360 in K. Stew's governance of her personal life is not just a sign of emotional maturity, it's also a sign of acceptance and freedom. She'll never lose her non-chalant, I-don't-give-an-eff attitude — but this time, it allows her to live her life on her own terms and the way in which she wants. And that's badass AF.

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