9 Unconventional Bachelorette Party Locations, Because Being Predictable Is Not Your Style

Bachelorette party road trips are an increasingly popular way to celebrate upcoming nuptials, but what if you have already been to three bachelorette-cations in Vegas, or the bride-to-be has a strong dislike for boardwalk t-shirt shops? Well, you are in luck my friends, because The Venue Report published an inspiring roundup of unconventional bachelorette party location ideas that are perfectly outside of the box. Even if you aren't planning a bachelorette party, these getaways would make for some pretty amazing vacation spots.

Bachelorette parties occasionally get a bad rap. Historically, attendees of a bachelorette party would attempt to scandalize the bride with an unusually riotous night out on the town. But the times they have a' changed — and it is time we switch things up. There is an entire industry opening up around 21st century bachelorette parties for women who just don't feel like doing body shots off of a paid-by-the-hour dude in a Speedo (more power to you though, if that's your thing). And if you are looking for an alternative to the usual shenanigans, this list is a good place to start.

Here are some of the sweetest off-the-beaten-path bachelorette venues where you can celebrate your favorite bride-to-be.

1. Treebones Resort — Big Sur, California

Big Sur is the most beautiful place that I've ever been. I've also been to Treebones Resort, albeit to use its wifi when I lost cell phone coverage after receiving an email that the smoke detector was going off in my apartment (spoiler: my apartment was not burning down). The resort is perched at the edge of a redwood forest overlooking cliffs diving into the Pacific Ocean. If you're planning an August bachelorette party, there's a meteor shower that happens annually that you can see from the porch outside of your yurt.

2. Zero George Street — Charleston, South Carolina

Zero George Street has old worth Southern charm down to a science with the added bonus of delicious gourmet food from the on-site culinary school. Charleston is definitely a college town, and from what I hear is a pretty walkable place with bars and restaurants lining the street awaiting your party.

3. Ecocamp Patagonia — Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena Region, Chile

What in the magical mountains is this?! Ecocamp Patagonia has a glass geodisic dome ready for your glamping pleasure nested in the beautiful Chilean peaks. Go on guided mountain treks and wildlife excursions with your outdoorsy bachelorette crew.

4. South Congress Hotel — Austin, Texas

South Congress Hotel is hipster chic in hotel form. It's in increasingly cool Austin, has a rooftop swimming pool, and even has a suite with queen-sized bunk beds for you and your besties to spend the weekend slumber partying. Catch a live show or get a poolside pedicure during this Texas bachelorette weekend to remember.

5. Treehouse Resort — Durham, Canada

Where else can you experience a bohemian weekend away complete with treehouse, tipis, and an airstream trailer?! This Treehouse Resort by Lynne Knowlton has everything. Relax in a hammock while you enjoy the twinkle lights and listen to the wind blow through the trees.

6. The Broome — Lower Manhattan, New York

Road trip to the Big Apple (assuming you don't already live there) for a glamorous weekend at The Broome hotel in SoHo. The Parisian-style courtyard looks up at the towering buildings that line the city sky. Spring for the penthouse and enjoy your big city bachelorette experience. Don't worry about the price — pretty much any dollar slice pizza joint will keep you well fed on a budget.

7. Ojai, California

If getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city is more your speed, drive up the freeway to Ojai, Calif. where you can effectively taste delicious California wine until you can't feel your face. Enjoy a cozy outdoor space at one of the many Airbnbs in the area, and take advantage of the always-lovely, never-too-warm SoCal nights.

8. Race + Religious — New Orleans, Louisiana

Seemingly named for the things you never talk about with your tipsy uncle at Thanksgiving, Race + Religious is a cozy four-bedroom estate that will almost make you forget about the humidity. In case you're new here, Cajun food in New Orleans is change-your-life, make-you-consider-moving-thousands-of-miles-to-eat-it-caliber delicious. No, I'm not exaggerating. That's pretty much reason enough to book this spot right now. Take a dip in the courtyard pool or catch a jazz performance at Preservation Hall during your slow Southern bachelorette weekend.

9. Handsome Hollow — Long Eddy, New York

East coasters looking for a quiet weekend in the country, you've found your destination. Handsome Hollow is a historic farmhouse about three hours northwest of NYC situated on 93 acres of farmland ready for exploring. Once the sun goes down, grab a drink from one of the vintage bar carts, and gather your squad around the big ol' bonfire.

Now excuse me while I eat these sour grapes at your wonderful bachelorette weekends. Have fun, y'all!

Images: Courtesy of The Venue Report