Here's Hoping Sneaker Stilettos Do Not Become a Thing

When Jeremy Scott's models paraded down the runway in high heeled stiletto sneakers, complete with knee and shin guards, we figured — and hoped — it was the first and last we'd see of the awful sporty shoe. Alas, brazen fashionista Anna Dello Russo was spotted around Paris during Fashion Week in the Adidas heeled sneaker, suggesting this is a possible trend that might be happening in the near future.

You may have hated on the sneaker wedge, but let's be completely honest: those were 100 times cuter and chicer than this high-heeled version. While the Vogue Japan Editor is known for being super-fashion forward and wearing pieces we wouldn't dare try (see: a hat bigger than Pharrell's), Russo is definitely a trendsetter and knows what's on the verge of becoming big in fashion.

Russo ditched the shin and knee guards and only wore the bottom part of the sneaker stiletto, offsetting its bright yellow color and casual style with a fabulous fur-lined coat and hat. She even hopped on a bike with them on, showcasing its sneaker side.

I'm all in favor for funky footwear, but this shoe trend is particularly hideous. I'm not sure what I dislike more — the fact that it extends up over the ankles or that there are enough shoelaces to keep four pairs of shoes together. I love that ordinary sneakers and slip-ons are having their moment in fashion, but I don't think that they need to be altered with. I was definitely a follower of the Isabel Marant Wedge Sneaker, but even she admits that she's over them.

Can we all make a pact to kill this style before it becomes a trend?

Image: Instagram/ebeauty