'Thirteen' Doesn't Need A Season 2, According To Jodie Comer

BBC America's latest thriller series has come to a conclusion, though with only five episodes it may feel like it ended all too soon. Though while Thirteen will not have a Season 2, that's probably for the best because it told a complete story, and that's not a bad thing. In an interview with Bustle, the series' star Jodie Comer talked about the show's importance, working with a largely female crew, and what her hopes are for Ivy if, hypothetically, there was a Season 2.

"It's weird," Comer says, "I haven't really thought about [Season 2] really, because I've always believed that the show should just have one [Season]." The show's creator Marnie Dickens told RadioTimes that she always envisioned it as a complete, one season-long story. If it did continue, "I just want Ivy to be able to be comfortable with herself," Comer posits, "and just to get back to grips with normalcy and finding her own self. Because it's such a big change, and I think she really struggles with that. Just to be happy."

She says that working with a female writer and a female director helped tell Ivy's story as a formerly abducted women. It created a healthy environment that helped the subject matter. "If you had certain questions," she says, "you weren't afraid to bring those up." Abducted women and their escape stories have become quite popular recently. However, Ivy's story shouldn't have reminded you of Room or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt at all, really. For one thing, it's a mystery.

"It starts from Ivy's escape," Comer says, "and it's left up to the audience's imagination what she's gone through. People have to look at Ivy and see the way she's behaving to make their own judgements about what she's experienced. [Thirteen] also gives you a view as to what these people, not just what these people go through, but the consequences and the repercussions that it has on their family and friends and home life." It didn't focus on Ivy's time in captivity, which is part of what drew the actress to the role in the first place.

While Thirteen may be over, you won't be missing the actress for long. She's starring in another series, The White Princess, on Starz. While Princess Elizabeth is different from Ivy (for one thing, Comer says she's gone from 15 minutes in the makeup chair on Thirteen to two hours getting into period gowns for The White Princess), she's still leading the charge on the show. Based on Thirteen, I think fans can be assured that The White Princess is in excellent hands.

Images: BBC