Where To Buy Kylie Jenner’s Nude Top & Skirt Combo If You Want To Steal Her Instagram Look — PHOTOS

When you think of the Kardashian-Jenner clan's style, you probably think body-con pieces in a neutral palette. As the youngest sister, Kylie Jenner has definitely defined her own unique style and beauty routine, but she still loves herself a tight, basic dress. If you're wondering where to buy Kylie Jenner's nude top and skirt combo from Instagram, look no further.

On a hot summer L.A. day, Jenner posted about one of her favorite outfits that she says is "like wearing nothing," according to thekyliejenner.com. Jenner's outfit of the day was a nude Naked Wardrobe crop top and skirt set that she paired with a duster coat that are both actually reasonably priced (if you can believe it!)

The crop top-skirt set is perfect for summer and can work as a set or even as separates paired with different pieces in your closet. Of course Jenner couldn't help but throw in an accessory from the Yeezy collection — hence her to-die-for knit Yeezy ankle boots.

Luckily Jenner posted all of the details (with a few, less expensive alternatives) on her website where she often talks about what she wears so that you can easily mimic the star's style:

King Kylie slaying her look.

Here's exactly where you can find it.

Walkin' The Lines Mini Set, $40, nakedwardrobe.com

This set is made from spandex and rayon, so it's guaranteed to be light-weight and comfortable.

To see where else you can buy the rest of her outfit pieces, head over to her website.

Images: Getty Images (1); kyliejenner/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Brands (1)