Is A 'Veronica Mars' Miniseries On The Way?!

Ah, Comic-Con: how I love thee. The fandom-centric convention usually brings good news, and today, it is bringing about what is possibly the best news for fans of Veronica Mars. After receiving a long-awaited movie sequel in 2014, Veronica Mars fans have eagerly awaited news of a movie sequel. While we haven't received word on whether or not we'll get a Veronica Mars film franchise, actress Kristen Bell has some news that should please everyone who loved spending each week grappling with a new Neptune mystery. According to TVLine's interview with Bell, Veronica Mars could get the mini-series treatment, and it's even better news than that of another movie sequel.

Don't get me wrong, fellow Marshmallows: I would happily take another movie sequel any day of the week. However, if given the choice, I would opt for a mini-series over another film any day, simply because it's closer to the Veronica Mars I know and love. Veronica Mars was built on deeply rooted Neptune mythology — the rivalry between the PCHers and the 09ers, the Kane's web of secrets, and even Veronica's own mother's complicated past gave way to mysteries that would plague Veronica each season until their shocking conclusion. However, one of the lighter, fun parts of Veronica Mars were the mini-mysteries — the ones Veronica would solve for cash. We may not find out who killed Lilly Kane in every episode, but we would learn who framed Veronica for stealing the carnival money or who has been snatching up the town's dogs.

A mini-series could allow us to explore not one mystery, but several — all while maintaining one major mystery that will drop clues in each episode. Remember how fun it was to unpack every suspect in the bus crash case week after week in Season 2? The slow-burn of one big, overarching mystery would bring fans back to the days when each episode was like a breadcrumb, leading us up to the big mystery reveal in the season finale. A movie doesn't quite work the same way: by the time the two-hour mark rolls around, you've either figured it out or you haven't, giving fans limited time to do any real "detective work."

Of course, when it comes to Veronica Mars, I'll take whatever I can get — including a movie told entirely through a Snapchat story, if that's what Rob Thomas is feeling at the time. All any Marshmallow can ask for is more Mars — and soon, please!

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