The Lyrics To "Make America Great Again" Are About As Good As The Slogan Itself

Ahead of Ivanka and Donald Trump's speeches at the Republican National Convention, the RNC band played an original "Make America Great Again" song, a country rock-tinged anthem dedicated to the nominee and his slogan/vision of "Make America Great Again."

According to Dallas News, the lyrics of the song played on the convention floor are as follows:

We are a nation under God/ Steadfast we can stand together as one/ We’re gonna build it up stronger/ Once we get started/ We’re gonna win/ We’re gonna make America great/ Make America great again/ We’re gonna make America great/ Make America great again

In an earlier video of the same heretofore-unidentified band, some lyrics of the "Make America Great Again" song could be discerned:

We’re gonna live (?) a little stronger than we’ve ever been, once we get started we gonna win/ gonna make America great, we’re gonna make America great again, yes we are/ We’re gonna make America great, make America great again come on, let’s ride/ Yeah let’s make America great, make America great again, let’s make America great again.

On Twitter, reactions to the song ranged from incredulous to admiring, and some were downright weird.

Unsurprisingly, the delegates and others on the floor of the convention seemed to love it.

It's also worth noting that the mystery guy singing the song definitely looks like a cousin on Duck Dynasty.