These Children Chanted "Build A Wall" During Donald Trump's Speech & It's Disturbing As Hell — VIDEO

On Thursday evening, the crowd at the Republicans National Convention was going wild Donald Trump's victory speech. With the group chanting "All Lives Matter!", "Build A Wall!", and "Lock Her Up!" in regard to — you guessed it — Hillary Clinton, Trump's emphatic speech officially accepting the nomination was the cherry on top of the most disturbing Republic convention in recent history. It's hard to pick the most most disturbing part of the evening, but this video of children at the RNC chanting "Build A Wall" during Trump's speech has got to be a frontrunner.

In the middle of the crowd were Bustle's Emily Shire, Hayley Saltzman, and Seth Millstein. Saltzman tweeted a video of the crowd chanting "Build a wall," in which children's voices can clearly be heard shouting, "Build a wall! Build a wall!"

Shire, meanwhile, tweeted, "A little boy sitting behind me is happily chanting 'Build a wall! Build a wall!' And giggling."

It's not the first time that passionately pro-Trump children have disturbed viewers. Remember the "Freedom Kids," who performed the unforgettable "Donald Trump Jam" back in January?

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