Prince George's Birthday Photos Are So Cute They Made A Three-Year-Old A Top Twitter Trend

I have always had a preoccupation with the British royals being that I am a tried and true anglophile. But, no matter how big of a crush I used to have on Prince William as a kid or how much I crush on Prince Harry now (What's up? I'm single) or how much I admire Kate Middleton's calm, cool, and collected demeanor, I think we can all acknowledge that when Will and Kate's kid came into the world, he up and stole their thunder. It's a fact that I think they've all accepted and are totally cool with. Especially if the pictures Kensington Palace put out for Prince George's third birthday are any indication. The little guy is totally photogenic and it'd be a shame not to show off his endearing, mischievous nature off to the world.

More than anything, although it's Prince George's birthday, these pictures sorta, kinda feel like they're a birthday gift for us. I mean, think about it. The royals have these photos at their disposal and they're probably already hanging in their various castles, palaces, and "homes." I'm sure they also went to their nearest drug store photo department and got them made up on glossy cards with cute little balloons in the corner to send to distant relatives, too. They don't have to release nothin' to us. Or, they could release one or two pictures like they used to. The thing is, I think they are very aware of just how much of an internet sensation the kid has become and so they've indulged us in some Prince George adorableness so we can all take part in his special day.

That sort of present is much appreciated by not only me, but Twitter where "Prince George" is trending. Yes, a three-year-old is more popular than you. Deal with it, his poor now-overshadowed parents did. So, if you haven't yet seen the pictures but are dying to, I won't torture you any longer. You can check out the sweet birthday pictures below and pray that if you have children someday, they'll be one ounce as cute as this guy:

Here's One Of Him Looking Like He Knows Exactly What He's Doing

He's so aloof... you know, as one is when they're trying to be nonchalant about a photo shoot.

Here's Another Of Him Hanging Around... Literally

*Insert GIF of Rebel Wilson saying "ENOUGH" here*

Then, There's This One Of The Baby Royal Smizing

Tyra is most definitely rooting for him. We are all rooting for him.

Perhaps My Favorite Of All The Birthday Pics: The Puppy One

Even the dog is photogenic.

Prince William, Kate... you done good.