'Real Housewives of Orange County' Star Heather Dubrow Surprises Everyone By Singing The National Anthem

When she isn't busy supervising the construction of a new home, being a mom, working on her next business idea, and sipping on champagne, Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow sings the national anthem. At a Wednesday Los Angeles Angels game in Anaheim, California, Dubrow sang the patriotic song and pretty much impressed everyone with what appears to be a hidden talent. Seriously, who knew she could sing? It's no secret that Dubrow is an actor (remember all of that Malibu Country drama?), but apparently her resume also includes busting out a song every now and again.

The Collette creator shared the news of her singing the national anthem Wednesday on Twitter, when she tweeted, "OMG. They were just playing an acoustic version of national anthem in @Starbucks. Good sign. I got this @Angels game, here I come!" She then shared a photo of herself on the baseball field holding a microphone and captioned it, "Sound Check!!!"

So, you want to hear if she was able to successfully pull off one of the toughest songs? Sorry, you're just going to have to wait, because there isn't any video footage — yet. I know, it's crazy that this day and in age of everything social media that no one recorded Dubrow's performance.

That said, there are plenty of Twitter "reviews." It's no secret that when someone sings the National Anthem, the critiques can be harsh, but in Dubrow's case they aren't so bad. The majority of tweets of those who actually saw her sing and decided to tweet about it had nothing but positive words for Dubrow. Overall, it seems like she did an amazing job.

Seeing as it went so well, I have a feeling the Housewife celebrated with some champs (pronounced "shamps"). Too bad there isn't video footage of it, but hopefully Dubrow or one of her fans will share a recording, stat.