First 'Mad Men' Season 7 Trailer Is Here and It Is Great, Bob — VIDEO

It's been a while since we last saw Don Draper — spoiler alert: be was blowing up his life like usual, and also kind of/sort of bonding with his children — but AMC's Mad Men is back April 13, and we've got some mental preparations to do to get ready for the beginning of the end. And now we've got our first Mad Men Season 7 teaser trailer to start us off.

This season is, much like the final season of the late great Breaking Bad, a final season broken into two parts, to be aired a year apart. If you were expecting to glean much of anything from this teaser trailer, though, then... well, have you ever watched Mad Men? To say this show is opaque when it comes to its promotional materials or guarded when it comes to spoilers and theories is an understatement of the highest cable television degree. All you've gotta do is look at the ridiculousness of their episode-to-episode previews to know they're not going to voluntarily tell us anything about this season until we've seen it for ourselves.

What we can do with this teaser is do what we always do, anyway: Theorize through analyses of tone, aesthetic, costuming, music, you name it. This teaser has Don Draper, that famous hat back on his head, exiting an airplane, looking damn dapper, with a funky "Que Sera, Sera" playing in the background. Whatever will be will be, indeed. Let's get the predictions revving. But, hmm, just hope Kenny doesn't get shot in the head again (though reprising that tap dance would be fine).

Image: AMC