Lady Gaga Will Perform At South By Southwest but Not On a Doritos Vending Machine — VIDEO

I read a report recently that said Lady Gaga would not be playing the South by Southwest festival this year because of something about an unsafe stage shaped like a vending machine. I thought that this decision sounded totally reasonable, but now it looks like something changed because Lady Gaga will be playing South by Southwest in a show sponsored by Doritos. The giant vending machine is not included.

South by Southwest's organizers refused Gaga a permit for Doritos' vending machine stage — which was constructed in 2012 — because the venue cannot support a musician as popular as Gaga. According to Idolator, event organizers said Gaga would need to perform in "the necessary permanent infrastructure" if she wanted to perform at all.

Lady Gaga's concert has now been moved to Stubb's, an Austin venue which holds up to 2,200 people. Her concert is still part of SXSW and is still held in conjunction with Doritos. In fact, if you are in the Austin area (or able to get to the Austin area) and are willing to participate in a corporate sponsored contest, then Lady Gaga might have a VIP ticket with your name on it.

Doritos released a video in which Gaga announces that she will be headlining the festival on March 13 and in the clip she also gives VIP ticket contest rules. Gaga says that "only people who prove their boldness are able to get in [to the show]" and in order to win the VIP pass, you have to submit a photo showing your "boldness." (Doritos chips are bold. Get it?) Keep in mind when trying to prove yourself that Lady Gaga delivers the directions in a fishnet body stocking. It's a lot of boldness to live up to. Designing an evening gown made of Cool Ranch chip bags might be a solid approach.

Check out the video below for Lady Gaga's full instructions. Just to warn you, she is disarmingly normal and awkward in front of the camera in this clip. I'm thinking she knows how silly the phrase "the Doritos Bold Stage" sounds and just decided to monotone her way through the cue cards and be done with it.