Why Kendall Jenner's Short Hair Is The Most Versatile Cut Ever — PHOTOS

Ever since this Jenner sister changed her look, I’ve been in the mood for a summer haircut. There are a lot of reasons why her new hairstyle works for her, but Kendall Jenner wore extensions on Snapchat and proved that the main reason this hairstyle is the best is simply its versatility. And the fact that she can make any length work with this style further proves that there’s nothing this ‘do can’t do.

Sure, she could pull off a lot of different things with her longer hair, but I’d argue that she can do just as much, even now that she’s joined the lob cut. Not only is the chop completely carefree and great for beating the summer heat, it’s also adorable, no matter how you style it. Jenner’s already mastered the half bun at this new length and she’s even demonstrated that by simply adding extensions, she can have all of the long hair vibes she may be missing back in a cinch. Plus, this layered long look works well for her.

I, for one, am happy to see Jenner experimenting with her style. She’s not known for wearing extensions or chopping her hair off on a whim, but when she does — it absolutely works. So, if you were nervous about letting some of your length go, don’t be! Channel Jenner and switch effortlessly between “short hair, don’t care” and “long hair, don’t care” anytime you please. I’ll let her show you how it’s done.

Her long hair is making a comeback.

All it took was a little time in the salon chair and some extensions.

Because having short hair doesn't mean that you can't also have as much length as you want.

I'm loving the fantastic layering going on here.

The initial haircut was pretty shocking, but it looked amazing.

Since making the chop, she's demonstrated that a lob goes great with a hat.

And with an off-the-shoulder top.

It also looks great with beachy waves.

Loose curls are gorgeous, too.

Oh, and a half bun? Yeah, she's got that down, too.

See what I mean? The possibilities are endless.

Images: kendalljenner/Snapchat (4)