Adriana Lima Puts Perfume In This One Unexpectedly Genius Place

Most people just spray perfume on their clothes and maybe a little behind their ear. Well, this supermodel puts it in the most unexpected place. According to The Coveteur, Adriana Lima puts perfume in her belly button. It might sound weird, but the reason she gives will probably have you spraying it there, too.

There are plenty of odd beauty tricks that celebrities have come up with, but this might just be the most unexpected yet. In an interview about her new Marc Jacobs fragrance campaign, the model gave a rundown on how she wears her fragrance. It might be a simple question, but the answer was anything but typical.

“I like to apply my fragrance to my hair, on my belly button, behind my ears and behind my knees—and then one spritz of fragrance on my clothes," Lima told The Coveteur. "I don’t know why, but I like to put it in my belly button! It’s like [points to knees, belly button, hair] one, two, three, I divide my body in three...”

That's pretty genius, if you ask me! Not only do you have just the right amount of fragrance all spread out, but I bet it lasts way longer too. That's one supermodel tip that the beauty world can actually use.

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lima isn't the only celebrity who's got some, err, unique beauty tips. A-listers do some pretty weird things when it comes to their routines, but some of them are just as good as the perfume tip.

1. Beer Shampoo

Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Wondering how Catherine Zeta-Jones gets her hair so shiny? Well, according to The Daily Mail, she rinses her hair with beer.

2. Cat Litter Facial

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nicole Polizzi uses cat litter to exfoliate her body, according to E! Online. Personally I wouldn't try this, but I guess it could work.

3. Tape Makeup Remover

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lady Gaga wears a lot of makeup and she's got a unique way to remove it. Back in 2013, she revealed that she uses tape to get her heavy glitter makeup off, according to SheKnows.

4. Lisa Rinna

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Getting fuller lips just got a whole lot easier. Skip the filler and gloss and rub cinnamon on your lips instead, just like Rinna.

5. Pre-Workout Oil

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to Glamour, Kim Kardashian puts oil on herself before she works out to prevent wrinkles. The publication said that this one is a derm-approved tip.

6. Leech Detox


This isn't your typical detox. According to Daily Mail, Demi Moore uses "medically trained leeches" to keep her skin looking young. You can't make this stuff up.

7. Preparation H De-Puff

Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Looking to de-puff your eyes? According to Sandra Bullock, you should reach for the Preparation H.

It doesn't get much weirder than this!