Who Is Anne Holton, Tim Kaine's Wife? She's A Dedicated Virginia Leader

On Friday afternoon, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton formally announced Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her VP pick — first in a text message to her supporters, and then officially at a campaign event in Florida. There has been plenty of speculation leading up to the announcement that Kaine would be her pick, and that he would be a strategic choice for her campaign. So now that we have solidified Kaine as Clinton's highly anticipated running mate, who is Anne Holton, Tim Kaine's wife?

Holton has served as Virginia's Secretary of Education since January 2014 and has dedicated much of her career to advocating for families and children. According to Heavy, Holton's family helped with the integration of Richmond's public school system, because of how important it is to create an education system that works for all students, "including those who are too often left on the margins of our society," a local NBC News affiliate reported

When Holton was asked by the Virginia’s foster care system. "My team and I were able to do great work in just a few short years," she said. "Every child deserves a real family, and we were able to make this a reality for more children all across Virginia."

During that time — when Kaine was the Governor of Virginia — Holton focused on preventing "out-of-home placements of youth due to complex behavioral issues," according to her biography for the Secretary of Education.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not only has Holton dedicated her life's work to foster care reform and access to quality public school education, she has also worked to address gendered inequalities in her state. She has made a call for women to become leaders in STEM fields, as well as making more room for women in politics, according to Heavy. At an event at the Science Museum of Virginia last year, Holton noted, "I am a big believer that we need more women in politics at every level, at state legislature, our U.S. Congress and absolutely at the presidential level."

Clinton made her announcement about Kaine on Friday at a Florida campaign event, and the two are set to make their first appearance together at another event on Saturday at the Florida International University. The news comes just days ahead of the DNC kicking off next Monday in Philadelphia.

Let's hope Kaine takes a page from his wife's book and makes education, family, and youth initiatives a key part of his joint platform with Clinton.