This New 'Scream Queens' Season 2 Poster Could Point To A New Mysterious Character — PHOTO

It's been ages since the first season of Scream Queens ended with a blood bath in December of 2015, and now that we're mere months away from the show's Season 2 premiere on September 20, it's time to start speculating about what the new season of the horror comedy series has in store. We already know that a bunch of good-looking dudes will be joining the cast, as reports state that Arrow's Colton Haynes, Taylor Lautner, and even John Stamos will be a part of Scream Queens Season 2 drama. But perhaps the most important thing we've learned so far about the second season of Ryan Murphy's Fox is that the new season will take place in a hospital, where some seriously bizarre cases are under examination. Now, a new Scream Queens Season 2 poster has arrived, and it could hint at a mysterious character who will be roaming the halls of the hospital.

The new Scream Queens poster was tweeted out by actress Lea Michelle, who will reprise her role as Hester on the new season, despite (spoiler alert!) her character being revealed as the Red Devil, bathtub baby, and overall psychotic killer in the first season. Given the fact that Hester knew Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) was the one responsible for the murder of her two-timing ex-husband, Munsch let her stay at Wallace University, and in Kappa Kappa Tau. Now, Dean Munsch is running the hospital, and given her own murderous past and ability to cover up shady history, it's quite probable that a new killer — one not connected to Hester at all — will emerge. The poster certainly makes the new season look even creepier than the first:

Though we don't have much context for the punny new poster yet, I have a feeling we might meet a character who looks a lot like the woman depicted in this image. The new season's hospital setting is perfect for developing characters with bizarre injuries, rare diseases, or dangerous tendencies, so I'm inclined to believe that the woman in this picture is a character we'll meet when Season 2 starts up.

One intriguing possibility is that the gauze will act like a mask this time around to disguise the true face of the season's new killer. It would certainly set the new villain apart from last season, and play into the hospital theme. Much like the Red Devil mascot costume kept the killer grounded in the college setting, a gauze-covered villain could be the scariest thing the hospital has to offer.


Only time will tell who our new villain will be on Scream Queens, but this poster might just be the biggest hint yet.

Image: Fox; Giphy