Who Is Tyne Daly's Character In 'Looking: The Movie'? Her Exact Role Is Mysterious

After HBO's Looking was cancelled after only two seasons, fans were left wondering what was meant to be in store for our favorite characters. Looking: The Movie premieres on July 23 on HBO, and it will pick up about nine months after the Season 2 finale. Of course, all the main characters will be present — so we'll get to catch up with Patrick, Augustin, Dom, Doris, Kevin, and Richie. But, will Looking: The Movie feature any new characters?

Entertainment Weekly reports that Tyne Daly will join the cast and her character will be "serving up some fierce Outer Critics’ Circle work as a sage judge." The outlet also reports that Patrick's (Jonathan Groff) "emotional climax" will occur with Daly's character, who is simply credited as "Judge" on IMDb. According to IndieWire.com, she's "an unmarried wedding officiant." Because Patrick's most pivotal scene occurs with the Judge, it seems like she'll be important to the plot — and the lack of detailed information about Daly's character indicates that the role may be related to a surprising event and discussing it in depth would equal a major spoiler. What we do know is that Daly knocked it out the park with her performance. Vanity Fair describes it as "a winning appearance" and that's really no surprise given Daly's impressive resume.

Kris Connor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Daly is best known for her role as Detective Mary Beth Lacey on Cagney & Lacey, a TV series that ran from 1982 through 1988. According to the Emmys official website, Daly won four Emmy awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her work on Cagney & Lacy. The year after the series ended, she appeared in the Broadway musical Gypsy and brought home a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical. She went on to win two more Emmys (for Christy and Judging Amy) and was recently nominated for another Tony for her work in the 2014 Broadway production Mothers & Sons. Daly is definitely a versatile actress who excels both on TV and on stage.

And, as if her acting chops aren't enough, Daly is also an outspoken feminist. Her character on Cagney & Lacey was praised for being a woman detective in an era when this profession was basically unheard of for women. And, when she joined the cast of Judging Amy, she emphasized the importance of not making a woman's physical appearance her defining characteristic. In an interview with TheCabinNet.com, Daly stated that she's "been shooing away makeup-and-hair people most of my career" and noted that she pushed back during her Cagney & Lacey days when she was pressured to emphasize her appearance rather than her character's empowering role: "I'll never forget the note from Network saying, 'Can't she tuck her shirt in?' And I thought, 'This is the busiest, tiredest woman in New York! How can they be harping on this stuff?'"

Her role in Looking: The Movie may be small, but it's safe to assume that Daly will be amazing in every scene she's in.