Who Is Ezekiel On 'The Walking Dead'? The Season 7 Trailer Promises Big Things To Come — VIDEO

You guys, it's time for the biggest trailer reveal that Day One at San Diego Comic Con has to offer. That's right. You're thinking it, I'm thinking it. Let's all say it together: The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer just premiered (and we almost lost our minds). Whew, doesn't that feel better? Are you ready to dive into it with me? There was so much that was revealed in those few, very quick minutes of footage. So, let's unpack one of the biggest reveals: Ezekiel. Let's be real: this dude looks like a total badass. Pet tiger aside, Ezekiel looks equal parts benevolent, ferocious,and chill as all get out. Sort of like a Dumbledore figure, but for the zombie set. So, who is Ezekiel in The Walking Dead world?

From the looks of the trailer, he is going to be just a major character this season, probably working in direct opposition of Negan and his band of Saviors. This immediately will lead a lot of you reading this to heave a sigh of relief, because anyone working in opposition to Negan makes them a person worth sympathizing with. A quick recap of what's led us up to this point, because literally so. Much. Has. Happened. on this show.

Season 6 ended not with a proverbial bang, but a whimper. With Rick and his comrades literally on their knees and at the mercy off the seemingly merciless Negan, tensions were high. Those final moments of the season were moments we had been preparing for. We knew that this tableau — all the good guys on their knees, awaiting a terrible fate — was coming. We even knew that a major character would be meeting their untimely end. That Season 6 whimper is going to give way once again to the big bang, which we see being alluded to in the Season 7 trailer.

In the comics, Ezekiel is the ruler of a small, thriving community called "The Kingdom." Located just outside Washington, D.C., Ezekiel acts as the king of this haven, welcoming Rick and his group in. It becomes immediately evident to Ezekiel that he and Rick have a common enemy in Negan. This leads to a partnership that will most likely become the main storyline of Season 7. It's also worth noting that before the zombie outbreak, Ezekiel was a zookeeper. This means that when things went south, zombie-wise, he was able to save Shiva, his pet tiger, from a much worse fate. I'm already calling it: Shiva is a trained zombie killer, and we're gonna see big things from her in Season 7.

But until October 23, when Season 7 of The Walking Dead actually premiers (I know, I'm crying too), we'll just have to keep that trailer on repeat to keep us happy. I'm so ready to see Ezekiel lay down the law, though. Negan, you should be afraid. Very afraid.

Images: The Walking Dead and More/Youtube